I want police action - Makhura visits school targeted by armed robbers

Gauteng Premier says community complains that criminals are on a holiday - they are not feeling the might of the law

'I want police action' - Gauteng premier visits Winterveld school targeted by armed robbers

16 January 2020

Gauteng Premier David Makhura is demanding police action after two schools - Philemon Montsho Primary  and St Josephs Kulani Primary in Winterveld – were broken into over the festive season.

Visiting Philemon Montsho Primary on Thursday along with Gauteng police commissioner Lieutenant General Elias Mawela, Makhura said: "I want results about the arrests of those who are perpetrators of this. I also want results about visibility of police. I want police action.

"The community here has complained too many times that criminals are on a holiday. They are on a rampage and are not feeling the might of the law."

Makhura added that the principal of Philemon Montsho Primary was heartbroken by the incident.

"As an individual, he needs counselling. Teachers are also heartbroken. They are terrorised by criminals and we can't allow this to happen as a democracy.

"We fought for this freedom. People shed their blood for our country to be free. We can't allow criminals to terrorise our communities and destroy the infrastructure we have.

"Here in Winterveld, the infrastructure of electricity is destroyed. Almost every evening the community phones to say electricity supply is disrupted by criminality. We want clear police action," said Makhura.

He added that he wanted community mobilisation.

"I have decided to come to this school today, because it is a primary school. In this term we are focusing on the performance of primary schools. This school is doing well so far. We will release the results of all primary schools," he said.

The robbery at Philemon Montsho Primary was caught on camera.

According to police, about 15 armed men were caught on surveillance cameras. They made off with electronics, including tablets and computers, furniture, desks, chairs and stationery.