IEC must reconsider ANC's eligibility for 2009 elections - IFP

Statement issued by IFP and text of complaint February 24 2009

Recent events in KwaZulu Natal have indicated that the African National Congress is again, as in all previous elections, conducting themselves in a confrontational and destructive manner in order to destabilise any political opposition.

"The Inkatha Freedom Party today submitted to the Independent Electoral Commission a list of incidents, which is not all inclusive, of acts of intimidation, vandalism and violence perpetrated by ANC members and supporters towards the IFP since our country's transition towards a real democracy. We have unequivocally proved in our complaint that the ANC's hegemonic tendencies are now a real threat to our democracy," said Albert Mncwango, the IFP's National Organiser.

It must be stated that the IFP has been incensed by the ruling party's comments about "war talk" in KZN ahead of the upcoming elections. We have objected because the implication has been that all the unfortunate instances of political intolerance that have surrounded the ongoing election campaign in KwaZulu Natal have been, unsurprisingly, once again blamed on the IFP.

"The facts paint a different picture. Our complaint submitted to the IEC will dismiss all the propaganda and lies that the ANC is feeding the media. IFP members and supporters have, since the late 1980's, been subjected to constant threats, intimidation and violence for exercising their God-given democratic right of freedom of association. One of the saddest continuing chapters in our Party's history is the targeted assassination of our leadership in a clear attempt to destabilise our Party's organisational abilities. Since 1985 at least 440 IFP leaders have been assassinated for working in their communities and expressing their political views," said Mncwango.

From the multitude of serious incidences the IFP has listed it is evident that the ANC does not tolerate political opposition and is bent on ensuring that any effective political opposition is destroyed by whatever means possible. 

"It is therefore imperative, in the interest of free and fair elections, that the IEC as a matter of urgency investigate all incidents where the ANC is alleged to be involved in and that the ANC's eligibility as a candidate in the elections be investigated in light of their continued intimidation, harassment and violence directed at political opponents," said Mncwango.

Issued by the Inkatha Freedom Party, February 24 2009


The Chairperson
Independent Electoral Commission
260 Walker Street


Recent events in KwaZulu-Natal have indicated that the ANC is again, as in all previous elections, conducting themselves in a confrontational and destructive manner in order to destabilise any political opposition. 

The Inkatha Freedom Party wishes to submit to the Independent Electoral Commission a list of incidents, which are not all inclusive, of acts of intimidation, vandalism and violence perpetrated by ANC members and supporters towards the IFP since our country's transition towards a real democracy.

1. Incidents of violence perpetrated against the IFP

§ 14 September 1995 - IFP Chairperson, Mr Nash Protus Ngubane, was abducted by persons posing as SAPS members. Mr Ngubane was at home when two police vehicles, allegedly from Pietermaritzburg, arrived and the occupants asked that the gate be opened. Four men got out of the first vehicle and came into the house, where one produced an ID card. One of the men inside the house picked up Mr Ngubane=s G3 rifle and pistol and asked if they were licensed. Mr Ngubane produced the licenses. After searching Mr Ngubane=s house they took Mr Ngubane away and also removed the G3 rifle. Mr Ngubane had his pistol on him. 

The following morning Mrs Ngubane reported her husband missing at the local SAPS station and was informed that no policemen from Pietermaritzburg had been in the area. At 8am Mrs Ngubane was informed that her husband=s body was found at the main Bulwer/Boston Road. Local ANC leader and Head of Pietermaritzburg Correctional Services, Mr Russell Ngubo, was subsequently found guilty and sentenced for the murder of IFP Chairperson, Mr Nash Protus Ngubane.

•§     22 October 1995 - IFP election posters in northern Johannesburg were defaced and torn down within 24 hours of being put up.

•§     August 1998 - IFP leaders in KwaZulu-Natal have been intimidated by supporters of the ANC while canvassing in the Greater Durban Area and in Clermont in particular.

•§     June 2000 - Induna Shodoba Ndlovu, Acting iNkosi of the Buthelezi Clan, was wounded when shots were fired at his house in kwaCeza in Mahlabathini by a known ANC supporter.

•§     5 June 2000 - Nongoma Mayor and IFP Chairperson, Mr Joseph Sikhonde, was assassinated when shots were fired at his vehicle on returning from work.

•§     31 October 2000 - Mr Simon Yalo, a canvasser for IFP council candidate Piet Rademeyer, who was contesting Ward 1 in Council KZ216 in the Port Edward area, had shots fired at his homestead after he had been canvassing in the ward. The police recovered seven cartridges from outside Mr Yalo's house.

•§     27 November 2000 - The IFP held an election meeting in a hall in Vryheid for which the Party had booked the hall, had paid the booking fee and had permission to hold the meeting. During the course of the meeting, which was being addressed by a local IFP candidate, Deputy Minister Madlala-Routledge stormed into the hall and demanded the meeting should be stopped and that those taking part should vacate the hall. The people refused and one of Deputy Minister Madlala-Routledge's bodyguard's then fired a shot with an R1 rifle to intimidate people who were holding a meeting in compliance with all relevant regulations.

•§     25 October 2002 - Staunch IFP member, Acting Inkosi Muntuwenkosi Mjabuliseni Dube, was shot and seriously injured when gunmen opened fire on him from behind the Mabuyeni Post Office at Esikhawini. Alleged ANC members were arrested in connection with the attack.

•§     19 November 2003 - The home of eThekwini IFP Councillor, Mr Divas Mncwabe, at Magabeni, Umkomaas, was attacked and shots were fired. Afterwards the attackers opened fire on the residents of the community, killing a fifteen-year old child and injuring three others. Magabeni is a predominantly IFP supporting area.

•§     23 January 2004 - On the day before voter registration began, a team of ANC supporters set up equipment, including a scanner, in a classroom at the Buyani senior primary school in Umlazi to register voters. The acting school principal had not been informed. A case was opened at Umlazi police station. To date the IEC has not responded to the IFP's request for an investigation.

•§     23 January 2004 - An ANC Councillor was found registering ANC supporters at the Umlazi bakery station with IEC equipment. There were no IEC officials present. To date the IEC has not responded to the IFP's request for an investigation.

•§     25 January 2004 - Two members of the IFP were shot at and a third was hit on the head by a brick in the Gamalakhe township at a road show organised by the UGU District Council. The driver of the ANC Mayor of the Hibiscus Municipality appeared in court in connection with this attack.

•§     27 January 2004 - Two days after the voter registration weekend, a prominent member of the ANC, an ANC Councillor's daughter, two ANC student members and three ANC Youth League members were caught registering voters at Mangosuthu Technikon. One ANC member was arrested for being in possession of a large quantity of undistributed ID's. All students were in possession of new Identity Documents. Police confiscated the IEC equipment being used. To date the IEC has not responded to the IFP's request for an investigation.

•§     17 February 2004 - On the 11th of January the ANC leadership launched their Election manifesto in Pietermarizburg. We as IFP did nothing to hinder or interfere their launch. But on the eve of the launch of our own Manifesto at Lindelani in Durban on the 17th of January, the car of Mr Thomas Shabalala, then an IFP member of Parliament, which was announcing that our launch was taking place in Lindelani the following day was shot at and the screen was smashed. The suspect who was arrested and released on bail was an ANC councillor in Clermont.

•§     17 February 2004 - IFP members who were boarding a bus at Kwadabeka to attend the IFP's election launch rally were attacked allegedly by members of the ANC.

•§     February 2004 - IFP supporters were shot at during a function at Wembezi and the injured had to be hospitalised. It is presumed that due to the history of conflict in the area that the attackers were ANC supporters.

•§     February 2004 - It was reported that hundreds of the IFP's election posters were removed in Pietermaritzburg. Similar reports were made from Cape Town.

•§     March 2004 - During the 2004 campaigning period an IFP election billboard was defaced in Umlazi. No perpetrators were apprehended or charged for this incident, but suspicions exist that our main opposition in KwaZulu-Natal had the most to gain from destroying an IFP poster in a perceived ANC dominant constituency.

•§     17 April 2004 - ANC activists were demonstrating and burning dummy coffins representing the IFP outside the home of IFP leader, Dr LPHM Mtshali, in Claremont. Township. The police had to be called to remove them. This was blatant act of provocation and hostility against a senior IFP Leader whom at that time was the Premier of KwaZulu-Natal.

•§     17 April 2004 - Alleged ANC activists attacked IFP Councillor, Mr BA Dlamini, in C Section, Wembezi. Mr Dlamini was subjected to taunts that the IFP was politically finished and his car was attacked and almost overturned.

•§     20 February 2006 - IFP Richmond Ward 6 local government election ward candidate, Mr Mayboy V. Sithole (53), was shot and critically injured in an attack at his shop by an unknown attacker who ran away after the incident. Nothing was stolen during the attack and we suspect therefore that the attack may have be politically motivated.

•§     16 August 2008 - Two IFP members were attacked at Tehuis Hostel near uMlazi allegedly by ANC members.

•§     1 September 2008 - The home of IFP Ethekwini Councillor, Mr Ebrahim Shaik, was attacked and his office vandalised.

•§     12 September 2008 - The IFP Central Pietermartizburg Constituency Office was vandalised by ANC protesters who took part in a march in support of ANC President Mr Jacob Zuma.

•§     9 August 2008 - An IFP Women's Brigade event to celebrate Women's Day at Clermont was disrupted by ANC supporters and the SAPS had to intervene.

•§     16 September 2008 - IFP Jacobs Hostel Branch Chairperson, Mr Bhekisisa Mthethwa, was shot and killed at Montclair Railway Station on his way to work. This was the second time Mr Mthethwa was attacked and the previous year he spent time in hospital after surviving an assassination attempt.

•§     November 2008 - An IFP billboard was petrol bombed at Umzinto, allegedly by people wearing ANC T-shirts.

•§     8 November 2008 - The IFP gathered at the Soutpan Sports Grounds in Tshwane where they were accosted by approximately 100 ANC supporters, preventing them from starting the meeting. The ANC members then assaulted the IFP supporters and damaged IFP posters.

•§     15 November 2008 - IFP National Chairperson, Mrs Zanele kaMagwaza-Msibi, campaigning in the Eastern Cape was disturbed by a vigorous campaign of intimidation on the part of the local ANC structures.

•§     10 December 2008 - During a by-election at Ward 8, Mandeni ANC MP, Ms Makhosi Ntuli, swore at IFP supporters and hurled insults at Mr MP Ntuli after she passed a police barrier. A case of crimen injuria was opened (Nyoni CAS 63/12/2008).

•§     10 December 2008 - An ANC member driving an Ilembe District Municipality vehicle full of ANC T-shirts was arrested for illegally possessing a firearm. (Gingindlovu CAS 34/12/2008)

•§     10 December 2008 - A case of attempted murder was lodged at Gingindlovu SAPS (CAS 35/12/2008) after the ANC Mayor of Mandeni and two others fired shots towards IFP MPP Inkosi KW Mathaba and other IFP members.

•§     10 December 2008 - During a by-election at Ward 1, Mooi River/Bruntville, IFP members were attacked by ANC supporters wearing ANC T-shirts. The SAPS had to intervene and create a buffer zone to separate the groups at the Late Tent Voting Station.

•§     4 January 2009 - IFP Youth Brigade Chairperson, Mr Shadrack Dube, was shot and killed as he returned home from buying cellular airtime not far from his home at Phumlani Township, Hluhluwe. Two ANC supporters were arrested and charged with Mr Dube's murder.

•§     1 February 2009 - IFP members at KwaMsane, Mtubatuba, were harassed and assaulted on their way to a rally in Nongoma. Cases were opened at the Mtubatuba SAPS (CAS 9/02/09).

•§     1 February 2009 -The property of IFP members was damaged by the SAPS at Mona, Nongoma. Motor vehicle windows were smashed (CAS 19/02/2008).

•§     7-8 February 2009 - During the voter registration weekend at Mooi River a group of ANC supporters wearing ANC T-shirts and waving ANC flags and led by a local ANC leader, Mr Sokhela, were chanting derogatory slogans against the IFP and its President, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, calling Prince Buthelezi ‘a dog'.

•§     14 February 2009 - ANC supporters driving in approximately 20 vehicles decorated with ANC election stickers attempted to disrupt the IFP's KwaZulu-Natal Manifesto Launch at Curries Fountain, Durban. The SAPS had to be alerted and removed the ANC supporters. The previous evening the stadium was also covered with ANC pamphlets an act which the IFP viewed as highly provocative.

•§     15 February 2009 - IFP Organiser, Mr Sabelo Zondi, was shot and killed at Madlankala, Esikhawini, whilst on his way home. Mr Zondi's fellow passenger was not hurt in the attack.

•§     16 February 2009 - ANC supporters and police harassed IFP Deputy Constituency Chairperson, Mr MJ "Rasta" Mncwango, and his brother, the Mayor of Pongola, Mr BJ Mncwango. The ANC held election activities in Pongola's Ncotshane township the previous day and provoked an incident outside Mr MJ Mncwango's house which involved a crowd of ANC supporters and the IFP Deputy Constituency Chairperson and his nephew. The SAPS intervened by storming Mr MJ Mncwango's house using teargas and a dog unit without a search warrant and assaulting Mr Mncwango. The IFP condemns both the ANC provocation and the SAPS's conduct.

2. The assassination of IFP leaders

Apart from the above mentioned acts of aggression IFP members and supporters have since the late 1980's been subjected to constant threats, intimidation and violence for exercising their God-given democratic right of freedom of association. One of the saddest continuing chapters in our Party's history is the targeted assassination of our leadership in a clear attempt to destablise our Party's organisational abilities. Since 1985 at least 440 IFP leaders have been assassinated for working in their communities and expressing their political views.

Since preparation for the first democratic elections in 1994 started at least one-hundred-and-ten IFP leaders have been assassinated, nine of whom were standing for or holding public office.

Below is a list of our leaders who have been assassinated in this time period, but it is important to note that the mere listing of names does not illustrate the devastation and loss suffered by the families affected and by our Party on the ground.

1. Mr Alpheus Biza Xolo Organiser/Induna (Izingolweni) shot 04/01/94 SA Izingolweni CR5/01/94 Case closed 20/06/94

2. Mr Simon Nhlahlayenza Mlambo Constit. Secretary (Alexandra) shot 14/01/94 SA Alexandra CR167/01/94 Still being investigated - No arrests

3. Mr Ezekiel Madiba Constit. Chairperson-Northern Transvaal/Chairperson-Groblersdal /N-Tvl RPC repr. (Groblersdal) shot 25/01/94

4. Mr Bhekithemba Isaac Shandu Organiser/LPC Monitor (Umlazi) shot 22/03/94

5. Mr Petros Mphathekhaleni Mbokazi Organiser/Induna-Engonyameni (Umlazi) shot 22/03/94

6. Mr Israel Simelane Dept-Publicity Secretary-Katlehong-F (Kwesine) shot 30/03/94

7. Mr Muzineshinga Sondoda Sokhela Organiser/Induna (Kwesine) shot 30/03/94

8. Mr Jeffrey Sibiya YB Constit. Chairperson-Katlehong/LPC representative (Buyafuthi hostel) shot 08/04/94 SA Vosloorus CR69/04/94

9. Mr Makhindi Dlamini Secretary/Induna (Inadi) shot 14/04/94

10. Mr Mbangomuni Mpanza Chairperson-Nhlanzini (KwaMbonambi) shot 16/04/94

11. Mr Lozana Chonco Secretary-Nhlabosini (KwaMbonambi) shot 08/05/94

12. Mr Velaphi Cele Secretary-Mzingazi (KwaMbonambi) shot 12/05/94

13. Mr Ndeliseni Nene YB Chairperson-Makhwezini (KwaMthethwa) shot 13/05/94

14. Mr Mbongiseni Vutha Chairperson-Makwezini (KwaMthethwa) shot 13/05/94

15. Mr Wilson Buthelezi Chairperson-Simmer & Jack (Zonkezizwe) shot 15/05/94

16. Mr Muzi Sithole Organiser/LPC representative (Zonkezizwe) shot 15/05/94

17. Mr Wilson Xolo Chairperson (Mvutshini) shot 17/05/94 SA Margate CR236/05/94 J56 outstanding

18. Mr Sibusiso Gabela Organiser-Makwezini (KwaMthethwa) shot 20/05/94

19. Mr Simphiwe F Ndlela Organiser-Mevamhlophe (Madlebe) shot 26/05/94

20. Mr Muzi Ximba Secretary-Mevamhlphe (Madlebe) shot 26/05/94

21. Mr Fanizana P Cele Treasurer-Ntuthunga (KwaMthethwa) shot 30/05/94

22. Mr Mandla M Cele Secretary-Ntuthunga (KwaMthethwa) shot 30/05/94

23. Mr Veli S Cele Chairperson-Ntuthunga (KwaMthethwa) shot 30/05/94

24. Mr Musa Mabanga Publicity Secretary (Gezinsila/Eshowe) shot/burnt 12/06/94

25. Mr Isaac M Ntanzi Secretary (Gezinsila/Eshowe) shot/burnt 12/06/94

26. Mr Muzikayifani Dube YB Chairperson (Mangezi/Ongoye) shot 22/06/94

27. Mr Phikokwaziqayo Msane Chairperson-Cindi (KwaMthethwa) shot 25/06/94

28. Mr Mdaphuna Xolo Chairperson-KwaXolo (Matsheketsheni) shot 05/07/94 SA Margate CR87/07/94

29. Mr Boy Cele Organiser-KwaXolo (Matsheketsheni) shot 05/07/94

30. Mr Professor Ngilande Organiser-KwaXolo (Matsheketsheni) shot 05/07/94

31. Mr Bernard Ntuli Constit. Organiser (KwaThema) shot 07/07/94

32. Mr Lotus Ngcobo Secretary-Bhokonya (Boboyi) shot 08/07/94 SA P/Shepstone CR125/07/94 J56 outstanding

33. Mr Master Phineas Shelembe YB Chairperson-Impendle (Edenvale) shot 19/07/94 SA Plessislaer CR270/07/94

34. Mr Bhejiza Ngcobo Secretary (Ozwathini) shot 19/07/94

35. Mr Joseph Nyathikazi Chairperson-Mshayazafe (Ngonweni) shot 27/07/94

36. Mr Linda Zungu Regional YB Secretary (Imbali Stage 2) shot 30/07/94

37. Mr Junior Njapha Chairperson-Mhlubulweni (Macambini) shot 01/08/94

38. Mr Anthony Mbuthu Secretary (Madunsula/Madlebe) shot 07/08/94

39. Mr Zamo S Mbuthu YB Organiser (Madunsula/Madlebe) shot 07/08/94

40. Mr Meshack Cele Constit. Secretary-KwaCele (Izingolweni) shot 11/08/94

41. Mr Nokwethemba Dlamini Chairperson-Sgaganeni (KwaMthethwa) shot 22/08/94

42. Ms Khanyisile Dlamini Secretary-Sgaganeni (KwaMthethwa) shot 22/08/94

43. Mr Hobson Mngoma Organiser/LPC representative (Esikhawini) shot 31/08/94

44. Mr Ephraim Zungu Treasurer-Hwebede (Macambini) shot 02/09/94

45. Mrs E Zungu WB Chairperson-Hwebede (Macambini) shot 02/09/94

46. Mr Sipho Khumalo Secretary-Hlobane (Ongoye) shot 04/09/94

47. Mr Thuthukani C Mhlongo YB Dept-Secretary-Hlobane (Ongoye) shot 04/09/94

48. Mr Lindani Gallant Mkhize Chairperson/Councillor (Esikhawini) shot 07/09/94

49. Mr Cabangeleni Mdunge YB Secretary-Mevamhlophe (Madlebe) stabbed 11/09/94

50. Mr Standard Khomo Secretary-Ntuthunga (KwaMthethwa) shot 18/09/94

51. Mr Poyisa Dube Chairperson-Manzamnyama (Ongoye) shot 28/09/94

52. Mr Vusi Makhanya YB Chairperson-Bomvini (Madlebe) shot 11/10/94

53. Mr Mtembiseni Njondolo Organiser-Mbomboshana (Eshowe) stabbed 14/10/94

54. Mr Fanual Mfana Khomo YB Chairperson-Paddock (Elim Mission Location) shot 19/10/94 SA Paddock CR32/10/94 J56 outstanding

55. Mr Nkosinathi Zondi Secretary-Ntoyeni (KwaMthethwa) stabbed 02/11/94

56. Mr Thulani Ernest Ndlovu Regional Secretary-Hlanganani/Chairperson-Willowfontein (Impendle) shot 26/11/94

57. Mr David Sosibo Publ. Secretary-Bruntville (Bhekazulu) stoned/stabbed/shot 27/11/94

58. Mr Vincent Madlala Secretary-KwaXolo (Margate) shot/stabbed 12/05/95

59. Mr Poti Robert Thusini Vice-Chairperson (KwaXolo) shot 15/05/95 SA Margate CR193/05/95

60. Mr Absalom Manana Committee Member (Zonkizizwe) shot 16/05/95

61. Mr Sticks Dlamini YB Secretary-KwaCele (Izingolweni/ Shoba) shot 23/05/95 CRIS Izingolweni

62. Mr Sha Shangase Chairperson (KwaBhidla) shot 31/05/95

63. Rev David Zondi Constit. Chairperson-KwaNdelu (Umzumbe) shot 01/07/95

64. Mr Zwi Ndwandwe Organiser/Induna-Ntinini (Babanango) shot 18/08/95

65. Mr Christian Siphosetho Msweli Chairperson (Babanango) shot 23/08/95

66. Mrs Lindiwe Gule Executive Committee (Mnambithi/Driefontein) 03/09/95

67. Mr Jabulani Khumalo Chairperson-Wembezi VQ Section (Wembezi) shot 05/09/95

68. Mr Dolo Khoza YB Chairperson (Mnambithi/Phoweni) shot 12/09/95

69. Mr Conference Lindani S'modern Jula Constit. Secretary/Branch Chairperson-Nkotaneni Ward (KwaXolo) hand grenade/shot 12/09/95 SA Margate CR173/09/95

70. Mr Nash Protus Ngubane Chairperson-Nzinga (Mpendle) Shot 14/09/95 SA Boston CR9/09/95 Local ANC leader, Mr Russell Ngubo, convicted for murder

71. Mr Amon Zwelikude Mshengu Constit. Deputy Chairperson (Mpendle) shot 26/09/95 SA Plessislaer CR30/09/95

72. Inkosi David Molefe Organiser-Isiminza (Mpendle) shot/set alight 13/10/95

73. Mr Luke Madonsela Committee member (Lochhill) shot 23/10/95

74. Mr Nhlanhla Dladla YB Secretary-Mahhashini (Escourt) shot 13/11/95

75. Mr Ndabazakhe Nthiza YB Chairperson (Bulwer) shot 15/11/95

76. Mr Mgudleni Madlala Constit. Chairperson (Mpendle) shot 04/12/95 SA Mpendle CR11/12/95

77. Mr Bhekizwe Alson Mnyandu Chairperson-Ward 6 (Umlazi) shot 21/02/96

78. Mr Mbuyiseni Dlongolo Treasurer-Ward 2 (Umlazi C Section) shot 25/02/96

79. Mr Damasius Khumalo Chairperson-Pannekoek (Mpendle) shot 28/03/96 SA Plessislaer CR434/03/96

80. Mr Simon Mvelase Election Co-ordinator (Wembezi) shot 07/04/96

81. Mrs ET Mthenjwa WB Regional Chairperson/WB KwaNzuza Constit. Secr./Local Govt. Candidate (Mthunzini) shot 10/04/96 CAS 18/04/96 Gingindlovu

82. Mr Abraham Faniswayo Dubazane Constit. Chairperson-Wembezi/Local Govt. Candidate (Escourt) shot 19/04/96

83. Mr Themba Nsawulwayo YB Constit. Chairperson (KwaCele/Dlovinga) shot 22/04/96

84. Mr Stephan Gasa YB Chairperson-Hlangzeni (Umzumbe/KwaQwabe) shot 19/05/96

85. Mr Kenneth Zikhali Local Govt. Candidate-B6 Ward (Hambanathi) shot 26/05/96

86. Mr Sipho Thusi Chairperson (KwaMadlala) shot 01/06/96

87. Rev Caiphus Dingindawo Nkosi Local Govt. Candidate/Chairperson KwaGcoba/Publicity Secretary KwaMhlana Constit. (Sitheza) shot 15/06/96

88. Mr Dababa Mbonambi Chairperson (Dendethu) shot 23/06/96

89. Mr Timothy Khumalo Chairperson (Mooiriver) stabbed 03/07/96

90. Mr Ronald Mabizela YB Chairperson (Loskop/Moyeni) shot 10/07/96

91. Mr Selby Zwane Chairperson (KwaThema) shot 20/07/96

92. Mr Jack Hlengani Maphanga Chairperson-Makhuzeni (Bulwer) shot 16/08/96

93. Mr James Zulu Chairperson Ezinqoleni shot 12/04/98

94. Mr Bulelani Xolo Chairperson KwaXolo shot 17/06/98

95. Mr Sqoloza Xolo Chairperson KwaXolo shot 31/07/98

96. Mr Michael Zulu Chairperson Lindelani shot 31/10/98

97. Mr Joseph Sikhonde Mayor Nongoma shot 05/06/2000

98. Mr Thanda Dingila IFP Leader/previous MPP Ndwedwe shot 13/08/2000

99. Mr ZT ‘Ace" Ntshangase IFP Councillor Nongoma shot 00/03/2000

100. Mr Commando Ngcobo YB Treasurer Nongoma shot 00/04/2000

101. Mr Petros Mtshali Chairperson Ward 4 Hluhluwe shot 28/07/03

102. Mr Xolani Sibisi Organiser Durban shot 28/03/04

103. Mr Nhlanhla >Doda= Zungu Local government activist shot 21/11/04

104. Mr Langa Ntshangase Local government activist shot 30/11/04

105. Mr Ndabazembi >Stende= Mbatha Organiser Nongoma shot 29/01/05

106. Mr Sipho Patrick Bhengu Mayor shot Giants Castle 12/02/05

107. Mr Peter Murray Nxele Councillor-Umzinyathi DC/Ward Cllr Endumeni shot Dundee 12/05/08

108. Mr Bhekisisa Mthethwa Jacobs Hostel Branch Chairperson shot 16/09/08

109. Mr Shadrack Dube YB Chairperson Phumlani/Hluhluwe shot 04/01/09 Two ANC members were arrested and charged with his murder

110. Mr Sabelo Zondi Organiser Madlankala-Esikhawini (Empangeni) shot 15/02/09

3. Statements by ANCYL President, Mr Julius Malema

On 4 February 2009 ANCYL leader, Mr Julius Malema, made provocative statements to ANC supporters gathered in Pietermaritzburg insulting the IFP and its President, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi. Mr Malema stated that "we will campaign even in his back yard or his house and recruit his children to join the ANC" and called on the IFP President to step down. 

The ANC apologised for the actions of its youth leader and ANC spokesperson Ms Jessie Duarte said, "The ANC does not endorse statements from its members that seek to denigrate and vilify leaders of other political parties, no matter how strongly we may disagree with those leaders. The ANC wishes to affirm its respect for Prince Buthelezi as a national leader who plays an important role in the country's public life."

Although the ANC apologised for Mr Malema's provocative statements it has not done anything to undo the effects of these statements on the general membership of the IFP and helping create a climate conducive to free and fair elections. Also, these recent statements by Mr Malema is a continuation of his provocative statements such as those attributed to him at an ANCYL rally at Thaba Nchu on 16 June 2008 where he stated that ‘the ANCYL are prepared to take up arms and kill for Zuma'.

4. ANC attempts at destablising political opponents prior to elections

The recent incident at Nongoma on 1 February 2009 where the ANC deliberately organised a rally on the same day in the same location as the IFP is a repetition of previous attempts by the ANC during the run up to elections to destabilise their political opponents prior to the elections. 

On occasions prior to elections after the IFP had announced an event in a predominantly IFP supporting area the ANC organised an event in the same area, deliberately heightening tensions by acting provocatively in order to portray the IFP as ‘violent'.

5. ANC as common denominator in political violence

It should be noted that in all incidents of political intimidation and disruption of meetings the ANC is the common denominator. Cases of note are:

November 2008 - COPE public meetings in KwaZulu-Natal and elsewhere are routinely being disrupted by rowdy ANC supporters.

11 December 2008 - A number of polling stations were illegally chained shut and others were blocked with trash - including faeces - as ANC supporters bullied Cape Town voters participating in by-elections.

DA leader Helen Zille partly blamed low voter turnout at some of the polling stations on ANC intimidation. UDM leader Bantu Holomisa said his supporters complained about ANC members misleading voters by announcing that the by- elections had been postponed.

IEC spokesman Courtney Sampson said ANC supporters were frustrated that they had no candidates to vote for in several wards because the party had failed to register on time. He said: "The ANC said to people that there isn't an election and encouraged other people not to vote by beginning to toyi-toyi. Some people started using intimidating tactics. It seems that there were cases [where] ANC members overstepped the mark." But ANC provincial secretary Mcebisi Skwatsha said party members were only telling their own supporters not to vote in certain wards.

17 January 2009 - Police have been on high alert in Katlehong on the East Rand where the Congress of the People were expected to launch its new branch on Saturday. Several officers have been deployed to the area for fear of violence erupting.

Earlier that week African National Congress supporters allegedly vandalised the car of a COPE Executive Ward Member, Thabo Masoka. He claimed members of the ruling party destroyed COPE posters and held a protest outside his home.

Also in an interview for the Helen Suzman Foundation UDM leader, Mr Bantu Holomisa, outlined how his party suffered at the hands of the ANC:

"What was the hardest part of the battle?

The ANC used gross intimidation and violence against us when the UDM was established in 1997. It prevented us from speaking on campuses - they would ferry people in to break up all such meetings. They also did everything they could to demonise us. Jeremy Cronin of the SACP's central committee wrote a long pamphlet of character assassination against me. I don't think that means that the SACP had it in for me in especially - it was just a dirty job the ANC got him to do. All of this culminated in the assassination of our general secretary, Sifiso Nkabinde, in Richmond on January 3, 1999 and of quite a few others in both the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. Despite all that we are represented in six provincial legislatures and we are the official Opposition in both the Eastern Cape and Northern Province."


6. Conclusions

From the incidents listed above it is evident that the ANC does not tolerate political opposition and are bent on ensuring that any effective political opposition is destroyed by whatever means possible. It is therefore imperative in the interest of free and fair elections that the IEC as a matter of urgency investigate all incidents where the ANC is alleged to be involved and the ANC's eligibility as a candidate in the elections be investigated in light of their continued intimidation, harassment and violence directed at political opponents.

In light of recent events it is clear the ANC is hell bent on depriving the constitutional right of the people of Ulundi and Nongoma in particular to participate in the forthcoming general elections. Clearly, as the ANC has limited support in these areas they want to ensure that the majority of the IFP is reduced in the province of KwaZulu-Natal.

Yours truly


IFP National Organiser
24 February 2009

Issued by the Inkatha Freedom Party, February 24 2009