If Gumede’s supporters don’t obey the law, they must be charged – DA eThekwini

Party says mayor's supporters blocked various parts of the city centre, as well as access to the City Hall

If Gumede’s supporters don’t obey the law, they must be charged

11 July 2019

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in eThekwini is appalled at the continuous chaos caused by supporters of Mayor Zandile Gumede.

Gumede’s supporters again blocked various parts of the city centre this morning, as well as access to the City Hall.

It’s unclear why this kind of behaviour is not handled criminally and those who block roads and access ways for ordinary people are not arrested and charged.

It’s simply unacceptable that the city’s administrative and political home is completely disabled and this thuggish behaviour is repeatedly allowed.

If Gumede’s supporters want to picket in support of a corrupt and incapable Mayor, they must do so peacefully and not block other people and vehicles.

The ANC has been incredibly vague on Gumede’s future, now indicating that her leave will be extended but not giving a specific date or way forward.

They’ve left eThekwini in the lurch, whilst service delivery is at an all-time low and communities are suffering.

This indecision clearly shows that the ANC isn’t serious about ridding public office of their corrupt cadres.

The DA calls on the South African Police Service and eThekwini Metro Police to stop treating Gumede’s supporters with kid gloves. If they cause a public nuisance and cannot follow the law, arrest them.

The Economic Development and Planning Committee Meeting scheduled for today has had to be cancelled, and staff has been sent home due to the volatile situation. The Community Services Committee was also scheduled to sit today, and will likely also be cancelled.

It’s completely unacceptable that governance meetings with important items on the agenda are being cancelled because Gumede’s thugs cannot behave in an acceptable manner.

It’s time to restore some order in eThekwini.

Issued by Thabani MthethwaDA eThekwini Chief Whip, 11 July 2019