Ill-discipline won't be tolerated - COPE YM

Malusi Booi says Sipho Nghona rejects calls made by disgruntled members


The Congress of the People Youth Movement (COPEYM) vehemently rejects and distances itself from the statement by the so called delegation of prominent members of the Youth Movement'. The COPEYM in unison unconditionally support and stand by our current national leadership of Congress of the People. The National Steering Committee (NSC) of the youth is well ahead with its plans of building branches and rolling out our campaign 'Thuma Mina Campaign'.

In the principles of our organisation, the Congress of the People, as the COPEYM, we will not tolerate ill-discipline amongst our members and we will take decisive action against those who are hell bent to putting the party's name into disrepute. The comments by this so-called disgruntled group are divisive, ill timed and destructive to say the least. As a progressive youth movement, we should be innovative and creative in how we raise issues. The NSC is open to meeting with and engaging any member who wish talk to and about the leadership.

COPE and all its structures has relevant channels to deal with concerns and issues raised by its members. Any disgruntled member is encouraged to write to the National Secretary General, to register their concern and not play cheap and immature political games in the media.

Sipho Nghona, the Head of Communications of the COPEYM and member of the NSC believes in and supports the national youth leadership and outrightly rejects the calls by this so-called delegation of prominent youth members.

In response, Sipho said, "I am not party to this group nor am I to their ill conceived calls. I will not support any group that seeks to elevate personalities over the vision of the organisation. This past weekend as a nation we celebrated the anniversary of the watershed Sandton Convention and in that spirit, I urge COPE members to respect the NSC of the COPEYM and adhere to the processes and protocols of the organisation".

"Congress of the People is about the vision not a person. Therefore, we would like to warn our members against elements who in disguise call people into meetings under the banner of concerned COPE members to push an untoward agenda in a populist manner" said Malusi Booi, National Secretary of the COPEYM steering committee.

COPEYM has long passed the leadership battles and we are now focusing on the bread and butter issues that affect our young people.

Statement issued by COPEYM National Secretary, Malusi Booi, November 2 2009

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