No arrests in Arvitha Doodnath murder – HSF

Francis Antonie says what was regarded as a botched hijacking may have really been an assassination

In Memoriam: Arvitha Doodnath

12 October 2020

It is with sadness that we commemorate the first anniversary of the murder of Arvitha Doodnath, a Research Fellow, and a former Legal Researcher at the Helen Suzman Foundation. 

In what was initially labelled a botched hijacking, the evidence made available to the Helen Suzman Foundation, points in the direction of an assassination.

This sadness at the tragic loss of a friend and dear colleague, is today compounded by an anger that, a year later, there appears to be no further movement in attempts to apprehend the perpetrator(s). We understand that there were witnesses to the murder.

On this day, especially, we remember her parents, family and friends. 

We will continue to honour her memory in the work we do, especially in the area of policing. 

Issued by Francis Antonie, Director, HSF, 12 October 2020