In solidarity with the people of Cuba – SACP

Party strongly condemns imperialist machinations and draconian measures pushed by Trump administration

SACP pledges resolute solidarity with the people of Cuba, strongly condemns imperialist machination and draconian measures pushed by the Trump administration  

6 August 2019

The South African Communist Party (SACP) strongly condemns United States (US) imperialist aggression and machination directed at the people of Cuba, their land and other basic wealth. The SACP unwaveringly pledges its international solidarity with the Cuban people, and fully supports their fundamental right to self-determination. Exercising their democratic national sovereignty, the Cuban people have chosen their own path of transformation and development, the pursuit of socialism as opposed to capitalist barbarity. In negative reaction against Cuban independence, the US unleashed a variety of extraterritorial measures and other forms of imperialist interference, for over half-a-century now, since the triumph of the Cuban revolution in January 1959 against a US-backed dictatorship led by one Mr Fulgencio Batista.  

The US has been occupying until now the Cuban territory of Guantanamo Bay for many decades predating the Cuban revolution and has been sponsoring all sorts of regime change attacks on Cuba against the revolution.  Very recently the Trump administration chose a warmongering path of tightening draconian measures to destroy Cuban independence and subordinate Cuba to the dictates and interests of the US ruling class. The latest measures aim to extend the United States imposed illegal blockade against Cuba.

The Helms-Burton Act of 1996, sponsored by the so-called “democrats” and “republicans” working in collaboration with each other, is now being pushed by the Trump Administration to agitate for and permit lawsuits to be filed in the US against Cuban entities. This draconian action will have adverse social and economic impact on the Cuban people, including on but not limited to the ownership of their homes, schools and polyclinics where they receive medical care. Through the machination, the Trump administration intends to seize the wealth of the Cuban people, including infrastructure, agricultural land, industries, and mineral and energy resources.

The disregard of international law by the Trump administration, through its unilateralism and imperialism, must be strongly condemned and practically opposed by the peace loving and democratic people across the world.

Issued by Alex Mohubetswane Mashilo, National Spokesperson & Head of Communications, SACP, 6 August 2019