Incorruptible Mashaba under threat from ANC – John Moodey

DA Gauteng PL says this is the third attempt by the party to bring down the Mayor in three years

#HandsoffMashaba: Incorruptible Mayor Mashaba under threat from the ANC

22 August 2019

Today, the DA-led City of Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba will  face a motion of no confidence simply because he is a strong and capable leader that cannot be manipulated into any wrongdoing.

The motion which  was brought against Mayor Mashaba by the failing ANC, will be voted for or against by all the multiparty city councilors.

The fact that so many thousands of people in Johannesburg signed the petition to keep Mayor Mashaba in office, shows that the people of Johannesburg are aware of the great work that he is doing.

This is the third attempt by the ANC to bring down Mayor Mashaba in three years. All previous attempts to remove him in a no confidence vote in 2016 and 2017, have failed.

During the three years that Mayor Mashaba has been in office, he has brought the city’s finances back on track including increasing revenue collection in leaps and bounds and attracted billions in investments to build affordable housing in the Inner City.

Not only that, he also delivered more than 6659 title deeds, created conditions for 44 000 Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) job opportunities, invested in the electrification of more than a hundred informal settlements, extended operating hours at 22 clinics, recruited 1500 metro police officers and discovered over 5335 corruption cases totaling more than R24 billion.

When Mayor Mashaba took office three years ago when the DA took over the administration of the City of Johannesburg from the ANC, it was in a mess due to ANC incompetence. Under the ANC administration 19% of the city's budget was stolen through corruption, Johannesburg residents were experiencing poor service delivery and the city had a huge billing crises.

Only the DA can bring change that builds one South Africa for all.

Issued by John MoodeyDA Gauteng Provincial Leader, 22 August 2019