Increase in crime stats worrying – EFF Gauteng

Launch of Crime Prevention Wardens a campaign strategy with no real intention and tangible plan to combat crime

EFF Gauteng statement on the increased crime statistics in Gauteng in the first quarter of the year 2023/24

29 August 2023

The Economic Freedom Fighters Gauteng notes with dismay the increase in crime rates in the province in the First Quarter of the year 2023/2024, which runs from the 1st of April 2023 to the 30th of June 2023. This rise in crime statistics has been consistent in the province and this is in the backdrop of the launch of the Crime Prevention Wardens by the ANC Government in Gauteng.

The statistics presented by the SAPS Commissar in Gauteng Ltn. General Elias Mawela indicates that the province has recorded an increase of 4.1% which amounts to about 4022 more counts of crime as compared to the previous Quarter. Contact crimes have increased by 6.0%. Assault and Grievous Bodily Harm have increased by 11.1% and 7.8% respectively, which amounts to a staggering 20 088 more than the previous term.

Gauteng alone contributes to almost 30% of crimes nationally, and Gender-Based Violence(GBV) and Violent Crimes still remain one of the highest in the entire country. And it is worth nothing that these are just only the reported and recorded crimes in the system, and it is common knowledge that majority of crimes in townships and informal settlement, especially rape and GBV are hardly reported because society has lost confidence in the police force. This is exacerbated by the fact that even when cases are reported, the police have neither the capacity nor resources to resolve cases and victims are always to blame for crimes meted against them.

The EFF has always raised and called out the launch and parade of the Crime Prevention Wardens by Panyaza Lesufi, as just a campaign strategy with no real intention and tangible plan to combat crime in the province. Instead of investing in strengthening the internal capacity and reinforcing control measures within the police force, the ANC government has misdirected all the resources to these verbally trained wardens who at times also contribute to the crimes in society. The moral fabric of our society under the ANC government is decaying day by day as criminals are given leeway to do as they please.

Also worth noting, is the increase in crimes recorded in relation to the illegal mining activities.

This speaks directly to the commendable work done by the EFF MMC in the City of Johannesburg, Commissar Mgcini Tshwaku in responding to these crimes. The MMC, leading the Johannesburg Metro Police Department has been making strides in fighting crime in relation to illegal mining, and arresting scores of illegal miners and affirming the authority of the state on the ground. The work done by the EFF with regards to Public Safety in the City of Joburg should be viewed as a testament of the EFF Government should the people of Gauteng and South Africa trust us with State power to enforce the law in society.

The EFF Gauteng has consistently presented a concrete plan with regards to crime in the country, which includes capacitating the internally, ensuring that the police is equipped with both technical and tactical response resources, involving and empowering community-based crime prevention and policing forums and clamping down on corruption within the police force.

And ultimately, resolving the Land and Economic questions, which contributes massively to crime in South Africa.

The EFF has no confidence in the ANC government in resolving crime in this country. We call on residents of Gauteng to register to vote EFF and prepare themselves to remove the ANC from government come the 2024 General Elections.

Issued by Nkululeko Dunga, Provincial Chairperson, 30 August 2023