Increase of Covid-19 cases in Garden Route District - Tertuis Simmers

Minister urges residents and visitors to adhere to all health protocols

Western Cape on increasing Coronavirus COVID19 cases in the Garden Route District

22 July 2021

It is critically important that all residents and visitors to the Garden Route District (GRD) adhere to all COVID-19 health protocols. While the cases are not increasing as rapidly as they were before, the cases are still increasing, and so everything must be done to save lives during this period.

Our data, as at 7am on 22 July 2021 indicates that there are 4 952 active cases in the GRD, which is an increase from the 4 792 active cases the week before.

The breakdown of cases per municipal area as at 7am on 22 July 2021 are as follow:

Bitou – 118 active

Kannaland –121 active

George – 2 300 active

Knysna – 484 active

Mossel Bay – 1 215 active

Hessequa – 333 active

Oudtshoorn – 381 active

These statistics remain concerning and so I call on all citizens to continue wearing masks that covers their mouth and nose, wash and or sanitise their hands regularly, maintain a social distance of at least 1,5m and to avoid crowded spaces, especially where ventilation is poor.

Not so long ago the region demonstrated how it came together to reduce infections in the area. The onus remains on us if we’re to achieve this again and to continue reducing the infection rate.

I’d also like to encourage every person that is 35 years and older to register to be vaccinated. The COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective and provides excellent protection against serious illness and death.

Issued by Marcellino Martin on behalf of Western Cape Government, 22 July 2021