Irvin Jim nothing but a reckless loudhailer - NUM WCape

Union calls on NUMSA members to reclaim union from current leadership clique


The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) in the Western Cape is outraged by the continuous reactionary posture of the Numsa leadership clique in trying to isolate the NUM leadership from the collective decisions of the recent Cosatu Special Central Committee.

Furthermore, Irvin Jim chose to have a hobby of attacking the NUM current and former leadership.

These renewed attacks on the leadership of the NUM are directed at the NUM as an organisation and thus we say, an attack on the NUM leadership is an attack on its broader membership and the legacy of Crosby Moni, Elijah Barayi, JB marks, Kgalema Mothlante, Gwede Mantashe and Cyril Ramaphosa who fearlessly fought for the unity of the workers and that of the federation, Cosatu.

As the NUM, we have always viewed Irvin Jim as nothing but a reckless loudhailer who seeks headlines from the neo-liberal and anti-majoritarian media. Of course, his co-option by the neo-liberal media has been marked by his hobby to insult the ANC led alliance in particular SACP General Secretary Blade Nzimande and Secretary General of the ANC Gwede Mantashe.

As the NUM, we are making no apology in defending Cosatu and the alliance now and in the future. No amount of loud sound bites by the workerist populist demagogue trapped in business unionism shall deter our determination to unite Cosatu and advance the National Democratic Revolution under the leadership of the ANC.

As the NUM in the Western Cape, we call upon all Numsa members to reclaim their Numsa from the current leadership clique of Irvin Jim because the metalworkers belong to the congress alliance.

Lastly, as the NUM Western Cape region we respect the collective decision taken at a Special Central Executive Committee meeting because we subscribe to the democratic centralism which has always guided all COSATU democratic processes.

Statement issued by Happiness Holiday, NUM Western Cape Regional Secretary, and Benson Ngqentsu, NUM Western Cape Regional Organiser, November 10 2014

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