Jan Roderigues in sights of NPA - Ahmed Timol Family Trust

Authority says there was dolus eventualis and police-clerk placed him at scene of the crime

Forty-six years ago this week he was arrested and murdered by police the Timol family today received correspondence (attached) from the National Prosecuting Authority confirming that police have received instructions to open three dockets pursuant to the cover-up of the 1971 murder in police custody of anti-apartheid activist Ahmed Timol.

The charges follow Mr Justice Billy Mothle's finding earlier this month in the re-opened inquest that security police murdered Timol.

Judge Mothle overturned the 1972 ruling of apartheid magistrate JL De Villiers that Timol committed suicide, and recommended that three former security policemen who gave evidence to the re-opened inquest face charges for committing perjury - and in the case of former Sergeant Jan Rodrigues, as an accessory after the fact of murder.

According to the letter the Timol family received from the NPA today, the investigating officer has made considerable progress in the compilation of the dockets.

This week, the family commemorates the 46th anniversary of the week in October 1971 that Ahmed Timol was snatched at a police roadblock (on the evening of the 22nd), brutally tortured over what must have been four unimaginably excruciating days, and finally murdered (on the 27th) - either before or as a result of being pushed or falling from the 10th floor or the roof of the John Vorster Square Police Station.

For 46 years the family has commemorated the loss under a cloud of official lies about the circumstances of his death, and for 46 years the police involved in murdering and covering up their crime, have evaded responsibility.

For 46 years the Timol family has not sought vengeance or retribution.

It has sought only the truth, and for the lies to be expunged from the record books. Living under the shadow of lies is an injustice.

The police who murdered and covered up Ahmed Timol's death might have contributed to the family's - and society's - healing and closure had they admitted to their actions and applied for amnesty to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Instead, most went to their graves with the burdens of their unacknowledged guilt.

Text of the letter from the National Priority Crimes Unit of the NPA:



Dear Mr Cajee

I acknowledge receipt of you letter of the 19 October 2017 and thank you for your kind words. It is because of your persistence, perseverance and enthusiasm that the finding of the original inquest was reversed.

In regard to your reference to the Court's prima facie findings can confirm that this office immediately instructed the South African police, DPCI to open 3 dockets in regard to the findings of the honourable Judge Mothle. We have already provided you with details of same.

The investigators are not necessarily bound by the findings in that an accessory after the fact to murder could possibly have prescribed. We are still of opinion there was dolus eventualis and that Rodrigues have placed himself on the scene of the murder therefore three (3) dockets have been opened as recommended by the honourable Judge Mothle.

This office is loath to provide a time frame for another insttution and an investigation, but is aware of the fact that the investigation officer has made considerable progress in compiling the requisite dockets and some of them are nearly complete. You will be informed of the progress in these matters.

Your assistance would be highly appreciated and as stated it is only when there is complimenting contributions that we will be able to rectify the injustice of the past.


Issued by the Ahmed Timol Family Trust, 24 October 2017