Jewish women to march in Joburg against sexual violence in Gaza - SAJBD

UN found clear information that hostages held captive by Hamas were sexually abused

Jewish Women to March in Joburg to speak out against the Silence of Sexual Violence in Gaza

5 March 2024

Weaponising sexual violence is among the most heinous of war crimes.  Yet, since the brutal Hamas attack on Israeli citizens on 7 October 2023, this is what happened. 

Yesterday, the UN issued a report confirming that they found “clear and convincing” information that hostages held captive by Hamas in Gaza were sexually abused and that there are “reasonable grounds” to believe that this sexual violence is continuing.

This Friday, 8 March, at 8.30 am, South African Jewish women will be taking to the streets in Johannesburg to protest these human rights atrocities and our government’s continued deafening silence. 

Under the banner of #MeToo_Unless, You’re a Jew, women will march from the entrance of the Constitutional Court in Joubert Street, along Joubert Street, left into Kotze in Braamfontein, near the city’s central business district.  They will be raising their voices for those who are currently unable to do so. 

There are 19 women still being held hostage in Gaza.  Speeches will be outside the Commission for Gender Equality, at no 2 Kotze Street.  The women will be addressed by Israeli feminist and social activist, Miriam Gvaram, Deputy Executive Director of Survivors of Sexual Violence Advocacy Group. 

Gvaram brings extensive expertise in gender-based violence, sexual violence, and human trafficking. While in the country, she will also be meeting with several GBV NGOs and be available to brief the media on the brutality of the attacks on women on 7 October.

In addition, the SA Jewish Board of Deputies will be handing a memorandum to President Cyril Ramaphosa calling on him to demand the immediate release of the hostages, something that the ICJ ruling was clear on. We also call on him to speak out against the sexual violence committed by Hamas against hostages currently in Gaza.



Issued by Charisse Zeifert on behalf of SAJBD, 5 March 2024