Kebby Maphatsoe will damage SA's image abroad – COPE

Deputy Minister linking Gautrain accident terrorism is bizarre, says Dennis Bloem

Deputy Minister Kebby Maphatsoe is an embarrassment

29 November 2015

COPE maintains that financially hard-pressed South Africa does not need deputy ministers. It is an extravagance we cannot afford. As for Kebby Maphatsoe, our country certainly does not need him as deputy minister of Defence. He is more suited to be a deputy minister of Farce.

For him to state publicly that police were justified in shooting the 34 striking miners, so soon after the findings of the Farlam Commission Report, indicates how callous he is and how totally unfit he is to hold any office. COPE doubts he read a single line of the Farlam Commission report.

On the other hand, his linking of the accident on the Gautrain track to a terrorism-attack is as bizarre as it gets. His damaging revelations of what President Zuma had to say about terrorism and where it is going to come from is both alarming and disconcerting.

The shallow thinking poses the greatest danger to our nation.

Kebby Maphatsoe is an embarrassment to South Africa. His utterances will enormously damage the ruling party as well as South Africa’s image abroad. He has acutely embarrassed President Zuma and there is no doubt about that.

President Zuma will keep him on as Deputy Minister at his own peril.

Issued by Dennis Bloem, Spokesperson, COPE, 29 November 2015