Kohler Barnard must fall into her racist sword - ANC WCape

DA MP has shown the party’s true face by publicly longing for return of PW Botha-style apartheid, party says

Barnard must fall into her racist sword

The ANC Western Cape says it is not strange that a very senior DA leader like Dianne Kohler Barnard has publicly shown the real position, heart and racist face of the DA by longing back for apartheid times under P.W. Botha.

It is the same DA that cheered a few months ago when outgoing leader Helen Zille was hailed as being cleverer than apartheid architect H.F. Verwoerd!

ANC Western Cape leader Marius Fransman says: “Barnard is a Zille clone that still enjoys the protection of the madam who duly came to her rescue and advised Barnard to retract and apologise for the indefensible. Barnard as an angry white liberal is part of a very pale inner core that still controls the party and is cheered on by thousands of supporters who loves her abrasive style.

“It is these people who long back to and revere the days of Verwoerd and Botha. Barnard showed the DA’s institutionalised white racism. It is clear that this white puppet is still manipulated by her white overlord. These are the people that only go into black (including African and coloured) areas and use voters of colour for election purposes, but who do not really care about those people. It is those people that must vote DA to keep people like Barnard comfortable in their positions as MP’s – hiding behind a black faced leader.

“As figurehead of these racist DA representatives who so desperately long to return to apartheid, Barnard should do the honourable thing and fall into her own sword to immediately resign. If not, the DA will continue to be known as nothing but a racist party.”

Issued by Cobus Grobler on behalf of ANC WCape, 2 October 2015