KZN ANC calls for mass protests over Kohler Barnard Facebook post

Party calls for urgent action to prevent “irreparable anger”


The racist statements crusade by Democratic Alliance leaders is spine-chilling and they call for urgent actions to be taken to stop them before they create irreparable anger to millions of South Africans who abhor discrimination.

 “There has been a number of horrifying statements made by DA leaders in the recent past. The social media platforms are also littered with even more appalling racist views aired by people who praise the DA while uttering bloodcurdling racist statements. What is worrying is that we don’t hear the DA strongly condemning these acts and assuming that the party tolerates racism cannot be farfetched,” said ANC Provincial Secretary, Cde Sihle Zikalala.

Racism in South Africa had far reaching implications on the lives of millions of people who were pushed to the periphery of the society, not getting adequate education, healthcare and opportunities which were reserved for few whites. PW Botha that the DA leaders seem to be praising now, promoted and institutionalised racism when he was the South African President.

Zikalala called for rolling mass protests to DA offices throughout the country to demonstrate that the majority of South Africans hated racism. “It seems that DA leaders think that the majority of South Africans share their belief that apartheid was good and that reintroducing racism would be welcomed. They are wrong. South Africans must show them that they are wrong. We appeal to South Africans to take part in mass protests against racism. We call on all South Africans, black and white and the media to support this initiative.”

He also called on the civil society and government to organise dialogues which would allow South Africans to debate the issue of racism. “It is disappointing that more than 20 years after the racism government was dismantled racism still raises its ugly head. We must fight against it until we defeat it. “

Issued by ANC Provincial Secretary Sihle Zikalala, 2 October 2015