KZN SOPA: No real substance – Zwakele Mncwango

DA PC says some of the province's most pressing issues were largely ignored

KZN SOPA: Failing ANC delivers disappointing SOPA with no real substance

27 February 2019

The Democratic Alliance (DA) today extends it best wishes for a speedy recovery to KZN Premier Willies Mchunu after he became unwell during his delivery of the State of the Province Address.

Despite this unfortunate turn of events, it remains the role of the DA – as the province’s official opposition - to review the contents of this address and to ensure that government is held to account in the interests of the people of KZN.

The DA regards today’s State of the Province Address as the least inspiring in the current parliamentary term. While the failing ANC reiterated the province’s many problems, it provided no tangible solutions.

The address was also a pre-election attempt to paint a picture of false unity within KZN’s ANC while speaking mostly to its so-called successes and steering clear of the many failed promises it has made to the people of KZN.

Today, some of the province’s most pressing issues were largely ignored:

- Today we heard about the creation of 30 500 jobs yet we were not told that these are temporary employment under the province’s Extended Public Works Programme (EPWP). Yet there were no concrete solutions to the fact that 25% of KZN’s people remain unemployed;

- Today we heard about the Moerane Report into KZN’s ongoing political killings but nothing was said about implementing its recommendations;

- Today we heard nothing about the remuneration of iZinduna in KZN despite this unfunded mandate being the single biggest issue crippling the provincial economy;

- Today we heard about accountability yet there was no mention of the fact that only 12% of KZN municipalities received clean audits;

- Today we heard nothing about how the ANC-led provincial government is fighting corruption or about the fact that R220million in drought relief funding has disappeared;

- Today we heard about KZN businesses seizing opportunities. This while load-shedding remains a constant threat and the economy remains stagnant;

We also heard about the success of the HIV/Aids programmes yet there was no mention of the province’s ongoing oncology crisis – for which no one has been held accountable to date; and

We heard about rising crime yet there were no solutions provided.

Interestingly, the Premier also spoke about the success of KZN land claims, essentially saying that KZN farmers are generally willing to share land - yet contradicted himself talking about restitution without compensation.

In terms of cross border crime, the Premier spoke about communities picking up the fight when the reality is that this is a government mandate. This is a province with serious xenophobic attacks and the ANC-led provincial government must secure our borders to prevent future attacks.

The truth is that only the DA can manage the real problems KZN faces. Our track record speaks for itself. Tomorrow, we will present our offer to the people of KZN during the State of the Province Debate.

On Sunday we will go one step further with the launch of the KZN Election Manifesto, where we will fully outline our plans for taking the province in the right direction.

On 8 May, the people of KZN will have the opportunity to get our province back on track. Only a DA-led government can bring real Change that Builds One South Africa for All.

Issued by Zwakele MncwangoDA KZN Premier Candidate, 27 February 2019