Land: ANC stirring up emotions with lack of policy certainty – FF Plus

Armand Cloete says Minister Thoko Didiza should have a proper land audit conducted

Land: Didiza asks people to remain calm; ANC the cause of chaos 

7 August 2019

While the Minister of Agriculture, Land reform and Rural development, Thoko Didiza, is asking the people to remain calm when it comes to the issue of land, it is the ANC itself that is stirring up emotions with its lack of policy certainty regarding the matter.

During a business breakfast that was held on Wednesday at the University of the Free State (UFS), Didiza asked South Africans to remain calm and sober so as to make proper decisions about land.

The ANC's obsession with the past and using it as an excuse for its own failures is the main reason why the land debate cannot be conducted in a calm and sensible manner.

Didiza's department will spent more than a quarter of its budget on land reform programmes this financial year.  But South Africa still does not know exactly how much land is in the government's possession.

The recent report that was released by the Presidential taskteam on expropriation without compensation once again emphasised the necessity of a land audit, but the ANC and the EFF are happy to continue with their scapegoat tactic of blaming farmers for the land issue.

As long as a proper and reliable land audit is not conducted, the debate cannot continue calmly.

The FF Plus will keep fighting back against the ANC and its lack of policy certainty regarding land as well as its twisting of the truth about the matter by opposing propaganda with facts.

Issued by Armand Cloete, FF Plus MP in NCOP and spokesperson: Land, 7 August 2019