Learning severely disrupted at Noordgesig - Khume Ramulifho

DA MPL says parents have shut down the school and demanded Lesufi attend to their grievances

Disruptions at Noordgesig: MEC Lesufi a no-show

The DA strongly condemns the disruption of teaching and learning by the parents and the community at Noordgesig Primary School in Soweto.

Learning has been severely disrupted at the school and classes have still not commenced since last week.

The parents have shut down the school, barricaded the road in front of the school demanding that Gauteng Education MEC, Panyaza Lesufi urgently attend to their list of grievances.

For far too long has MEC Lesufi made promises to replace asbestos structures but to date there is no certainty.

The parents of learners attending Noordgesig have demanded that the school’s asbestos infrastructure which learners are exposed to be demolished and rebuilt with a brick and mortar structure as the department had promised over 9 years ago.

The parents demand that a new School Governing Body (SGB) be elected and they are against the appointment of the new principal.

MEC Lesufi must meet with parents and explain the process followed in appointing the principal. The DA believes that the best candidate with excellent leadership qualities must be appointed to lead the school. This must not be based on race or gender but certainly qualities.

The DA calls on MEC Lesufi to meet with the parents as a matter of urgency and ensure that teaching and learning takes place in a conducive environment.

We also appeal to the parents to allow schooling to take place and not to deprive their children of their legitimate right to basic education.

These learners are missing out on their learning time and this will affect their results at the end of the year as teachers will not complete curriculum delivery.

Education is a key to a better life and contributes to social and economic stability hence it is very crucial that every child goes to school and learn.

The DA will continue monitoring the situation at this school to ensure that schooling takes place and that the MEC engages with the parents to solve their grievances in an amicable manner that does not affect the future of these learners.

Statement issued by Khume Ramulifho MPL, DA Gauteng Shadow MEC for Education, 22 January 2018