Legal action to be taken against EWC – AfriForum

Organisation says it submitted a petition with more than 250 000 signatures

AfriForum prepares for legal action against expropriation without compensation

15 November 2018 

The civil rights organisation AfriForum ordered its legal team to prepare for legal action to curb the process of amending Section 25 of the Constitution (the property clause) to allow for expropriation without compensation.

This follows after it came to light that the parliamentary committee tasked with this are willing to overlook a number of procedural shortcomings to come to the conclusion that the Constitution should indeed be amended. 

AfriForum submitted a memorandum as well as petition – that speaks out against expropriation without compensation and was signed by more than 250 000 members and supporters of AfriForum – to parliament earlier this year. The parliamentary committee made it clear, however, that it rejects this memorandum and petition, as well as the fact that 65% of written submissions objected to expropriation without compensation.

Ernst Roets, Deputy CEO of AfriForum, says it is clear that the committee has a political purpose and is willing to overlook obvious procedural shortcomings in the process to fulfil its mandate.

AfriForum has consulted with a senior advocate in this regard, who has already started preparations for legal action. 

Issued by Marelie Greeff, Media Relations Officer, AfriForum, 15 November 2018