Level 3 sports regulations nonsensical - Tsepo Mhlongo

DA MP says these are littered with contradictions and irrational exclusions

Level 3 sports regulations nonsensical and irrational

12 June 2020

The long-overdue gazetting of sports regulations for level 3 of the lockdown on Thursday by the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture, Nathi Mthethwa are littered with contradictions and irrational exclusions.

The list of nonsensical regulations include:

Non-contact sports such as weightlifting and power-lifting are not allowed;

Chess is allowed but pool and snooker have been excluded;

Motorsport can only "train";

Power-boating is excluded and cannot train;

Swimming is excluded despite the fact that triathlons, which comprises of swimming, is permitted; and

Training and matches will remain prohibited in hot spot areas.

Quite frankly, these regulations leave the sports sector with more questions than answers and further worsens the pain and agony brought about by the pandemic on South African sports.

The DA calls on Minister Mthethwa to provide clarity on these contradictory regulations.

We are growing increasingly weary of government’s arbitrary regulations that have no basis in research, and are riddled with contradictions which have been a source of frustration for the sports sector.

Most athletes have been unable to access a stable income during the lockdown, and the resumption of non-contact sports will bring relief to them.

Since the beginning of the lockdown the sector has suffered from a lack of support from the Department of Sport, Arts, and Culture in employing its relief measures – leaving athletes out in the cold in terms of both information and aid.

The DA will continue being the eyes and ears of men and women in sport and will continue to put pressure on government to make rational decisions that can be backed up by research.

Issued by Tsepo Mhlongo, DA Shadow Minister of Sports, Arts & Culture, 12 June 2020