Lesufi’s crime wardens a dangerous PR stunt – Solly Msimanga

DA Gauteng PL condemns augmentation of powers, says wardens lack essential training

Lie-sufi’s Crime Prevention Wardens: A dangerous PR stunt

14 December 2023

The DA in Gauteng strongly denounces the augmentation of powers granted to Lie-sufi’s Crime Prevention Wardens, viewing them as nothing more than a misguided public relations ploy. It is evident that these wardens are attempting to replicate the successful Leap Officer Program in the Western Cape, yet they lack the essential training and regulatory framework, making their presence a liability. The entire initiative should be abandoned.

Recent incidents have underscored the inadequacy of these wardens for the responsibilities thrust upon them. From an assault on an off-duty police officer, causing extensive damage to their high-end vehicles, to brutal attacks on the public, these examples highlight the ill-prepared nature of the wardens. Rather than taking decisive action, the premier's response has been one of inaction, leaving civil society and various organisations to call for investigations into their inept conduct.

The decision to bestow additional powers, including the authority to arrest and carry firearms, upon these untrained wardens is deeply concerning. Both their actions and the executive's response reveal a blatant disregard for the rule of law under Lie-sufi's leadership. The role of a police officer extends beyond possessing a weapon and the ability to make arrests.

Allowing untrained officers to roam our towns with the authority to use force, especially when they have demonstrated a propensity to act impulsively, is unacceptable. The premier's insistence on pushing forward with this ill-conceived plan is not only misguided but also poses a significant threat to the safety of Gauteng’s citizens.

We strongly urge the premier to reconsider this entire spectacle before it leads to loss of life.

Issued by Solly Msimanga, DA Gauteng Premier Candidate, 14 December 2023