Makhosi Khoza: Dissenters support for MONOCO a treasonous act - ANCYL

League says the ANC must wake up to reality that there is a fifth column in the organisation


The African National Congress Youth League notes and welcomes the removal of Cde Makhosi Khoza as Chairperson of the portfolio committee on Public Service and administration. The removal of Comrade Khoza is longoverdue as she has long joined the list of deployees who have and continue to define themselves outside of the mandate and authority of the African National Congress, a culture that threatens the ANC’s organisational legitimacy and integrity and further undermine the faith bestowed upon us by 11 million voters.

Importantly, having taken into consideration the several failed attempts by the leadership of the ANC to counsel Comrade Khoza, her continued public defiance of the ANC and alignment to the modus operandi of opposition parties as well as openly foreign sponsored anti-ANC regime change provocateurs such as Save SA, the ANCYL strongly believes that merely removing comrade Khoza from the chairpersonship of the portfolio committee on public service and administration does not come close to equating to the organisational damage her conduct and that of deployees who continue to in here subversive path continue to cause to the African National Congress. 

The Constitution of the African National Congress clearly identifies Comrade Khoza’s conduct and that of deployees in her subversive path as a serious violation that must be acted upon firmly. The ANC Constitution isolates “joining or supporting a political organisation or party, other than an organisation in alliance with the ANC, in a manner contrary to the aims, objectives and policy of the ANC; in the case of a public representative, breaching his or her contract of deployment concluded with the NEC; and in the case of a member of an ANC Caucus, failing, refusing or neglecting to carry out or execute an instruction or mandate of such caucus” as grave transgressions. Guided by these constitutional provisions, we strongly advance that the current rebuke against Comrade Khoza is inconsistent and overwhelmingly underestate the her organisational crimes. 

For the sake of the ANC’s organisational integrity, the ANCYL calls for harsher measures and the immediate restoration of the organisation’s authority over its deployees in government and parliament in particular. An unambiguous message needs to be communicated to the extent that no ANCcurrent or future deployee ever gather illusions that he or she can ever be above organisational authority.

In the wake of the treasonous acts of those who voted with opposition parties during the motion of no confidence on the President of the ANC, the ANCYL further calls on the entire membership , leadership of the ANC structures and the broader alliance to wake up to the existence of a “fifth Column” within the organisation. This reality lives up to the prophecy of President Oliver Tambo who prophesied that “nothing can destroy the ANC except for the ANC itself”. The ANC must act now to avoid perishing from within in the hands of its treacherous deployees. 


Issued by the ANC Youth League, 18 August 2017