March by Devil's Alliance pure provocation - COSATU Gauteng

Federation says Helen Zille will regret the day she was born should the action go ahead


COSATU in Gauteng has noted with deep sadness on a cheap political stance taken by the devils' alliance to march to the offices of the Revolutionary House. The march which will be lead by Madam Zille is nothing else but a clear provocation of the revolutionary and progressive forces in the country as represented by the revolutionary alliance under the leadership of the African National Congress.

We are proud as Gauteng COSATU to be hosting the Head-Offices of the revolutionary movement and in that regard also has a duty and a responsibility to safeguard these houses against counter-revolutionary forces. 

The previous march by DA to our offices had demonstrated that the right wing party has no capacity of whatsoever nature to influence the policy direction in our country and also to deal with triple challenges facing our society. The same empty stance is repeating itself with a march to the ANC offices this time around. We are warning them that we have a capacity to march to their houses everyday of the week one by one and expose their ulterior motive. We also warn our black brothers and sisters that they must refuse to be once again used by these dark forces. They must refuse to be used like DR Ramphele. They must take the money which they will be rented upon and thereafter go back home.  

We are warning them that they must stop with immediate effect on their provocative and empty stance or they should be prepared to face the consequences. Our members are prepared to unleash massive action in defense of the Revolutionary House on any given moment. The DA will regret the day they were formed and Helen Zille will regret the day she was born should such an action be taken by them. 

Statement issued by COSATU Gauteng Provincial Secretary, Dumisani Dakile, January 31 2014

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