Marikana massacre a mark of continuity between Apartheid and ANC regimes - EFF

Fighters reject the murderous language of prayer, peace and stability, aiming as it does to put our people to sleep

Statement of the Economic Freedom Fighters on the Anniversary of the Marikana Massacre of the 16 August, 2013

15, August, 2013

Economic Freedom Fighters stand in solidarity with the Lonmin Workers of Marikana as they commemorate the one year anniversary of the brutal slaying of their colleagues by the ANC government.

There is no better proof of the moral bankruptcy of the ANC than this tragic event, which stands as the manifest display of the otherwise obscure daily subjection to death that the ANC has condemned our people to.

The ANC rules, since its coming into power, in the best interest of the bourgeois classes, in particular white monopoly capital. This is demonstrated by its macroeconomic policies that have always chosen to make avail cheap and disposable black labour particularly for mining capital.

Marikana represents the return of the massacre as a brutal apartheid terror-tool used to instil fear in the hearts of revolting blacks who refuse being turned into human waste by racist regimes. It stands as a mark of continuity between these two regimes; that of Apartheid and the ANC - The continuity of black subjugation and indignity in the ultimate service of white supremacy.

It is our contention as Economic Freedom Fighters that only the African Revolution, rooted in the uncompromising pursuit of the people's seven cardinal principles, can improve and advance black life for the creation of a South Africa that truly belongs to all who live in it; these are:

1. Expropriation of South Africa's land without compensation for equal redistribution
2. Nationalisation of Mines, banks, and other strategic sectors of the economy
3. Building State and government capacity, which will lead to abolishment of Tenders
4. Free quality education, healthcare, houses, and sanitation
5. Massive protected industrial development to create millions of sustainable jobs
6. Massive development of the African economy and advocating for a move from reconciliation to justice
7. Open, accountable government and society without fear of victimisation by State police

The Marikana strike of 2012, which many dubbed as a wild-cat strike (illegal), was a result of the rising dissatisfaction with the increasing naked corroboration with capital by the ANC government. It represents the final collapse of the 1990s social pack epitomised in the new Labour Relations Act of 1996, which has not worked to restore dignity to workers and create meaningful jobs with better working conditions for the black majority.

White supremacist policies, from the Masters and Servants Act of 1856, Group Areas Act of 1950, Bantu Education Act of 1953, the Immorality Act of 1950, Natives Labour Act of 1953, to the Pass Laws Act of 1952 all served to produce a labour regime that guaranteed the availability of cheap and disposable black (in particular African) labour for the sustenance and benefit of the exclusive white minority communities.

On the 16th of August 2012, the long overdue and legitimate demands of the Lonmin workers were met with brutal death by the ANC government under clear instructions from its leaders including its now Deputy President, Cyril Ramaphosa.

The Marikana massacre, which took place on the 25th year anniversary of the 1987 Nationwide Miners' strike, painfully exhumed deeply buried memories of an un-free racist apartheid past. It is therefore in this light that Economic Freedom Fighters reject the utterances of the murderous regime of ANC about commemorating Marikana. It absolutely offensive to the families, the colleagues and the workers that the ANC wants to commemorate the massacre which they have caused with impunity, they;

1. Initiated a commission of enquiry following the massacre instead of a criminal case against the brutal killing of workers in clear world sight

2. Have stalled the enquiry by refusing to give financial assistance to the legal representatives of the victims of the massacre

3. Refused, to this day, to name this tragic even for what it is: a massacre. The ANC and DA were steadfast that these were criminals who should have been subjected to force, and now hypocritically want to silence the workers, including the dead.

4. Have not, to this day, supported and seen to it that Lonmin provides and meets the demands that took the workers on strike despite having said they would.

The ANC government must be isolated, pushed outside the revolutionary circles and placed in its murderous position. It is a government that presided over the killing of the fighting black workers, fighting on their knees, fighting against death. It is a self-hating security guard government, guarding the properties of the white monopoly capital, with preparedness to shoot and kill fighting black workers.

It is a government of yesterday, emptied of all its African Revolutionary content and rigor. It is a government that must bow to the will of the people, the undying spirit of the Marikana workers who still shout beyond the grave for economic freedom. It must be taken out, packet in the bucket of history where all things past belong!

Economic Freedom Fighters also reject the language of prayer, peace and stability that is constellating around the commemoration in the form of parliamentary coalition parties that never even came to support workers when they took to the streets in demand of a living wage.

This language is itself murderous because it attempts puts our people to sleep. The Marikana workers should never seek peace and stability; peace should never be asked from them and the murderous government should not have to offer prayers, justice is what is required.

The EFF will only pray and work towards the expulsion of the instigators of the massacre, the ANC government and white monopoly capital. What the ANC wants with prayer is that workers must be kicked and then also be told how to respond. EFF says no to peace and stability; justice based on nationalisation of mines is the only just solution.

Marikana is further proof that private ownership of mines is not good for the industry and the country. Bosses continue to extract the minerals for global markets and refuse to reinvest profits for greater industrialisation. They also enter agreements which they do not honour; mining under private hands has lost legitimacy and must be taken over through public and accountable leadership in the interest of the country as a whole.

EFF Launching Rally in Marikana, 24 August, 2013

EFF declares this as the age of justice, because peace without justice is evil. We will not share any platform with the ANC, with government or the Democratic Alliance as they all agitated, and shared in the massacre. The day of the anniversary must raise the revolutionary flag of economic freedom in our lifetime. This is the way to honour the Marikana workers; a promise that their fight was not in vein and that the Promised Land will surely come.

Economic Freedom Fighters will officially launch as a political and revolutionary protest movement on the 24 August, 2013 in Marikana. The EFF will pick up the fallen spears of the 34 murdered mineworkers and vow to restore and continue the African Revolution.

We call on all South Africans during this anniversary to wake up from the long dogmatic sleep of peace and reconciliation and fearlessly pursue economic justice and freedom in our lifetime!

Long Live the undying Spirit of Marikana Workers, Long Live!

Statement issued by the Economic Freedom Fighters, August 15 2013

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