Mathunjwa and Griffith like two peas in a pod

Benson Ngqentsu says that both AMCU President and Amplats CEO are drawing huge salaries while ordinary workers suffer


Both the print and electronic media carried a story relating to the disgusting statement made by Amplats CEO Chris Griffith saying, "Am I getting paid on a fair basis for what I'm having to deal with in this company? Must I run this company and deal with all this nonsense for nothing? I'm at work. I'm not on strike.I'm not demanding to be paid what I'm not worth."

 Indeed, such statement are indicative that those who are tasked with the responsibility to manage the capitalist conglomerates doing so by exploiting the workers. Thus the statement uttered by Amplats CEO demonstrates the high levels of greediness and the total disregard of the workers'rights. Hence therefore it might be important to remind the nation and the world that Mr Griffith is not the first person to demonstrate such arrogance in the corridors of the platinum belt.

AMCU president Joseph Mathunjwa has been demonstrating such arrogance which was covered on the Fincancial Mail in February 2014 by Sikonathi Mantshantsha in his weekly column.

When Mathunjwa was confronted by a question in relation to the collection of workers monthly subscription whilst they are on strike? Mathunjunwa's reply had this to say "What does my salary have to do with the strike? I am not on strike, why must I not get paid? And I did not tell the people to strike, they themselves voted for the strike." Clearly, Mathunjwa and Griffith are singing from the same hymn book.

This is the same Mathunjwa who owns fleet of vehicles and property and has consistently refused to account about how he acquired for his wealth (see report in The Star). On the contrary he claims to be the champion of workers interest yet he has wealth he can't account for , therefore, Joseph Mathunjwa of AMCU and Chris Griffith of AMPLATS are the two sides of the same coin hence workers must not be blinded by Mathunjwa's left rhetoric; he is a person who speaks left and walks right.

Mathunjwa is a dangerous person who behaves like a wolf in the sheep skin, using the genuine grievances of wokers for his own selfish ends. He, the self-appointed President of AMCU, has never called an elective congress of his ‘union' nor has any intention of doing so. Let's also note Mathunjwa is the only President of a union in the country who is in the pay-roll of the union- contrary to the practise where union Presidents are worker leaders.

Benson Ngqentsu is the SACP's Brian Bunting District Secretary and the NUM Western Cape Regional Organiser-writes on his personal capacity

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