Matric 2013: ANCYL blinded by race obsession - Mbali Ntuli

DA Youth leader says the League has once again shown the youth that they cannot be trusted

ANCYL blinded by race obsession 

We have noted the latest unoriginal attack by the ANC Youth League accusing the Democratic Alliance of racism, in response to DA leader Helen Zille's call for a probe into the matric results.

Education is perhaps the most important issue for our youth, yet the ANCYL have used this discussion as another opportunity to embarrass themselves and show the youth that they cannot be trusted.  

The ANCYL do not understand the importance of education. Unlike the rest of the country, they do not have to use education to advance in life. Instead, they progress up the career ladder by being nothing more than Jacob Zuma's lap dogs. 

How can anyone with a conscious not be concerned about the drop out rate, and schools actively trying to work weaker students out of the system before they ever have a chance to write their final exams? Perhaps the ANC does not care about these students because they are not a feather in their election-cap. 

What we have seen is government pat themselves on the back as they let down a large majority of the South African youth again. And the ANC Youth League is cheering them on. 

Where it governs, the DA is tackling the legacy of Bantu education. The results speak for themselves.

In the last 5 years in the Western Cape, we have increased the pass rate in Khayelitsha by 20%. We have doubled the amount of bachelor passes. We have decreased underperforming schools in Khayelitsha by 73.4%. We do this to ensure that black students have the best possible opportunities once they leave school.

We want black learners to succeed. That's why we put every effort into ensuring that they receive quality education, because when students succeed, South Africa succeeds. 

Statement issued by Mbali Ntuli, DA Youth Leader, January 8 2014

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