Media's publication of Malema's family residence disgusting - EFF

Fighters warn all in media that they'll not tolerate their unethical double standards and obsessive attacks


Monday, 3 December, 2018

The EFF condemns, in the strongest terms and with the disgust it deserves, the publication of CIC Julius Malema's family residence. In an attempt to discredit the leader of the EFF, media has published the residential address where his wife, the mother of two infant children lives.

No one, including civil society organizations or SANEF has said anything when the security of the Malema family is laid bare on public platforms. After the journalist working on this story confirmed that the Malema family lives in that residential address, they have gone on to publishing it, including images of the property itself.

Not long ago, Jacques Pauw published a picture of the child of the CIC Julius Malema, a minor by all definitions. Still no one raised any problems with him because the dignity, the safety and the general security of the Malema family is not important to journalists in this country.

When the EFF responds personally to Pauw or anyone who publishes that address, all experts and civil society organizations will have something to say. Only when EFF takes action do people speak, yet, when clear provocations are levelled against its members and leadership, no one even whispers.

We must warn all in the media that we will not tolerate their unethical, double standard and obsessive attack on the EFF leadership. The invasion of the privacy of the EFF leadership and their families, all in an attempt to discredit our revolution and its objectives, cannot be tolerated. We condemn it with the disgust it deserves.

Statement issued by the Economic Freedom Fighters, 3 December 2018