Meeting held to discuss land grabs – FF Plus Gauteng

Party asks govt not to neglect its constitutional duty towards landowners

FF Plus in Gauteng and civil rights organisations meet to discuss land grabs 

23 July 2019

The FF Plus is extremely worried about the rise in incidents of land grabs recently, particularly in Gauteng. Both government-owned land and private properties are being targeted by people who are taking the law into their own hands.

The FF Plus has asked the Gauteng Police Commissioner, lieutenant-general Elias Mawela, to state what the police's mandate is with regard to illegal land grabs. According to Lt.-Gen. Mawela, land grabs are a municipal matter and the police can only intervene if violence breaks out.

The party has asked the government not to neglect its constitutional duty towards landowners by leaving them at the mercy of lawless looters. The FF Plus insists that the SAPS must step in when the very first person occupies land illegally and must not wait for violence to break out.

Earlier this week, the FF Plus in Gauteng met with AfriForum and other civil organisations to discuss the high incidence of farm murders and land grabs in Gauteng.

The FF Plus will also meet with Premier David Makhura soon to discuss the safety issue in Gauteng.

Issued by Kobus Hoffman, FF Plus MPL: Gauteng Legislature, 23 July 2019