M&G article on nuclear tender misleading and mischievous - Govt

Phumla Williams rejects claims that restructuring of NNEECC was aimed at sidelining Kgalema Motlanthe

Government dismisses Mail and Guardian's misleading comments on the National Nuclear Energy Executive Coordinating Committee (NNEECC)

26 Jul 2013

Government has noted misleading allegations by the Mail & Guardian on the restructuring of the National Nuclear Energy Executive Coordinating Committee (NNEECC), and dismisses the statements as devoid of truth (see here). 

The NNEECC leads, monitors, and ensures oversight of the implementation of the country's nuclear energy policy. It was set up in line with the Cabinet approved Nuclear Energy Policy of 2008.

Over the years the committee has been restructured to improve effectiveness. In April 2013 Cabinet approved the further restructuring of the NNEECC, a move that is supported by the Nuclear Energy Technical Committee which consists of all the relevant departments.

The revised Committee is chaired by the President and comprises the following Ministries; Energy, Public Enterprises, Finance, State Security, Defence and International Relations. The size of the Committee was reduced to strengthen its efficiency in decision making.

Government dismisses suggestions that the restructuring was an attempt to remove the Deputy President from the structure. Acting GCIS CEO, Phumla Williams, said, "All the departments that are linked to the nuclear energy programme participate in the various technical committees that are managed at official level. The Deputy President remains a member of Cabinet that discusses all the issues that come from the various Committees of Cabinet."

It is mischievous for the Mail & Guardian to further suggest that diplomatic relations between South Africa and Russia are linked to the country's energy plans. "Such an allegation is baseless, as South Africa is a member of the BRICS bloc and is bound to have meetings with its counterparts as and when it is required," said Williams.

The review of Cabinet Committees is an ongoing process. Any attempt to read anything into those reviews is pure mischief.

Statement issued by Phumla Williams, Government Communication and Information System (GCIS), July 26 2013

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