94 000 public inputs submitted on Section 25 amendment – DA

Annelie Lotriet says South Africans are anxious about impact that amendment will have on their future

DA submits more than 94 000 public inputs on Section 25 amendment

28 February 2020

Today, the Democratic Alliance (DA) will submit more than 94 000 submissions from the public on the draft Bill amending section 25 of the Constitution.

We will also be submitting our own submission to object to amending the Constitution. We have always maintained that we are against land expropriation without compensation and amending the Constitution. Our submission can be found here.

Over the past few weeks, South Africans from all walks of life have made their voices heard and commented on the proposed Bill on our online platform (www.protectpropertyrights.co.za). Whilst we will submit all 94 000 comments together, each one will count as an individual comment – and will thus be regarded as an individual submission.

From this overwhelming reaction, it is patently clear that South Africans are anxious about the impact that this amendment will have on their future. As the integrity of our Constitution is at stake, the DA will continue s presence in Parliament to ensure that the voice of every South African is heard and taken into account to stop this amendment from seeing the light of day.

South Africans have watched in dismay as the ANC/EFF alliance in the portfolio committee has sought to discard the Bill of Rights, which protects the property rights of every citizen, in order to impose their populist fervour on land reform. The DA, as the official opposition, has an obligation to ensure that we fight to defend the integrity of our constitution and the sustainability of our agricultural sector.

The failure of land reform over the past 24 years has been the lack of action by government to ensure justice is served and land ownership patterns are addressed. This explains why the government has enthusiastically embraced the ill-thought-out amendment to section 25 – it provides perfect cover to avoid having to explain its rank failure over two decades to take land reform seriously.

The DA has chosen to take a considered rational approach that will not only ensure that land redistribution occurs more expeditiously than before, but that it is implemented in a manner that will protect the sustainability of our economy and agricultural sector.

We also encourage all South Africans who have not yet done so, to use the last chance to comment on amending the Constitution. The deadline for public submissions close tomorrow.

Issued by Annelie Lotriet, Chairperson of the DA Parliamentary Caucus, 28 February 2020