Mthethwa's reaction shocking - AfriForum

Ernst Roets says police minister didn't even bother to read letters from farm attack victims

"Go tell the victims that it was a publicity stunt," is AfriForum's response to Mthethwa's statement

AfriForum today asked the Minister of Police, Nathi Mthethwa, to tell the victims of farm attacks that AfriForum's plea for stronger police action with regard to farm murders is merely a "publicity stunt". This follows after the Minister issued a media statement via his spokesperson, Zweli Mnisi, this afternoon in which he described the presentation of 100 letters from the victims of farm attacks as such.

"We are shocked and disillusioned by the Minister's reaction. The Minister had not even had time to read the letters when he issued the statement," said Ernst Roets, Deputy CEO of AfriForum. Roets also expressed his concern that the Minister is still unwilling, even in his latest statement, to recognize the farm murder crisis in the country.

"The Minister talks like an ANC activist and not like a minister whose primary concern is the safety of all the citizens of this country," Roets said. Roets added that the Minister accused AfriForum of political rhetoric in order to avoid addressing the facts. "AfriForum never suggested that the issue of farm murders was a racial one. These are crimes against citizens, black and white, and should be regarded by the Minister as such."

"The facts are clear. The number of farmers that are killed is disproportionate, and the murders are usually exceptionally brutal. Farm murders are unique crimes and farmers live in unique circumstances. This in itself warrants a unique counterstrategy, as was implemented with cable theft, rhino poaching, gang violence and violence against women and children. We are waiting anxiously."

Statement issued by Ernst Roets, Deputy CEO, AfriForum, January 17 2013

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