Names of ANC’s victims will be remembered – Solly Malatsi

DA spokesperson says saying the ANC is killing SA is not slander as it is based on facts

DA will ensure that the names of the ANC’s victims are remembered

17 January 2019

Following the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) launch of our billboard, “The ANC is Killing SA”, the governing party has accused the DA of slander. This is incorrect, it cannot be slander when all the facts point to the statement being true.

Over the past 24 years, countless vulnerable South Africans have lost their lives due to the callous negligence on the part of the uncaring ANC government and they have all been denied their justice.

From Marikana to Life Esidemeni, South Africans passed away in the most horrific of circumstances and the perpetrators of their untimely deaths have either been protected, emboldened or promoted by the ANC.

The deaths of the ANC’s victims cannot be in vain and the DA will continue to fight to ensure that their names are remembered.

Each name on the billboard represents a South African who was forsaken by an indifferent and uncaring ANC government.

Furthermore, the ANC has stated that they would report the DA to the Independent Electoral Commission and claimed that the DA has contravened the IEC electoral code.

The DA welcomes any legal challenges from the ANC in this regard, and we will not be deterred in our pursuit of justice for the ANC’s victims.

Our priority is to build a South Africa where our people have justice and live dignified lives.

Issued by Solly MalatsiDA National Spokesperson, 17 January 2019