NDP cannot and will never be a strategic vision for SA - EFF

Fighters say the three Misleaders are not doing it for the people, they are doing it to please the Puppet Masters


04 July 2013

Yesterday, the 3rd of July 2013, the three Misleaders of South Africa addressed the media and therefore South African society on the processes of the National Planning Commission and the National Development Plan. The three Misleaders, Jacob Zuma, Cyril Ramaphosa and Trevor Manuel arrogantly repeated what they have been saying throughout; that the NDP will go ahead despite objections from Progressive Workers' formations, progressive intellectuals, and an absolute majority of South Africans.

In the founding statement we released on the 11th of June 2013, Economic Freedom Fighters said that the current Political elite will succesfully impose the neo-liberal, rightwing and capitalist NDP perspective on the ANC, the alliance and whole of society. 

The National Development Plan cannot and will never be a strategic vision for South Africa until 2030 because it does not speak to Nationalisation of Mines, Banks, and Monopoly Industries as called for in the Freedom Charter. NDP cannnot be a solution because it does not speak about introduction of free quality education until undergraduate level for all South Africans.

The NDP cannot be a solution because it does not roll back the trade liberalization, loosening of exchange controls, not tarriffs, and outsourcing of key services, which was introduced with the adoption of the Growth, Employment, and Redistribution (GEAR) in 1996. NDP cannot be a solution if it does not speak to substantial increase of minimum wages in the Mining, Agriculture, Private Security, Domestic Work, Petrol Attendants, Public Servants, and other essential sectors where majority of our people are employed. 

It is only a radical economic policy direction that will rescue South Africa from constant downward spirit into crises of poverty, unemployment, underemployment, starvation, inequalities and social instability. The key pillars identified by the EFF, which will constitute the core of our founding Manifesto, constitute the most practical and possible solution to South Africa's developmental problems. It is only beneficiation and industrialisation of our natural resources that can create sustainable jobs for millions of the unemployed youth. 

The continued imposition of neoliberal policies like GEAR, ASGISA, and now NDP will not solve South Africa's problems, but will only serve to worsen them. This is part of the reasons why as Economic Freedom Fighters, we are asking the relevant question of WHAT IS TO BE DONE? This question should be asked because with the NDP, which the three Misleaders are imposing on South Africa, the crises of unemployment, poverty, and inequalities will not be resolved. That is an open fact acknowledged by all Fighters and Progressive forces in South Africa.

The EFF NATIONAL ASSEMBLY ON WHAT IS TO BE DONE will provide detailed, coherent perspective on the way forward, based on the correct interpretation of the Freedom Charter and the 7 Cardinal Pillars for Economic Freedom in Our Lifetime.

All Progressive forces, even the Fighters who are still within the ANC led alliances should now acknowledge that South Africa will be led through arrogance and imposition of policies as long as the three Misleaders occupy positions of responsibility in government. They are not doing it for the people, they are doing it to please the Puppet Masters. 

Statement issued by the Economic Freedom Fighters, July 4 2013

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