Nicole Fritz resigns from the HSF

Director will be leaving us to pursue a political role from 1 January 2024

Nicole Fritz resigns from the HSF

6 December 2023

It is with sadness that the Helen Suzman Foundation has accepted the resignation of our Executive Director, Nicole Fritz. After two successful years at the foundation, Nicole will be leaving us to pursue a political role from 1 January 2024.

At this critical time in our democracy, we appreciate Nicole’s wish to contribute to South African politics. At the same time, a fundamental feature of the HSF is that we are a non-party political organisation. We hold ourselves and our office-bearers to this standard so that we can defend the Constitution without fear or favour.

We look back proudly at Nicole’s tenure as Executive Director. Her leadership has been characterised by deep engagement with society through advocacy, community interventions and public dialogue. We are especially proud of the work done under her leadership to safeguard the rights of vulnerable persons.

At a time of a virulent, opportunistic narrative that it is the Constitution and the rule of law which impede socio-economic progress in South Africa, we believe that our voice, like others in civil society, should be used to demonstrate the opposite: that the principles and values at the heart of the rule of law are essentially the same as those required to realise social justice. That is what we sought to do under Nicole’s leadership, and it is what we will continue to fight for.

We will begin our search for a new Executive Director early in the new year. In the interim the HSF will be led by Naseema Fakir as Acting Executive Director. The Board and I are grateful to have a strong and capable leadership team in place who will continue to do their work bravely and without compromise.

Issued by Kalim Rajab, Chairperson, HSF, 6 December 2023