Carl Niehaus spoke for whole group – Gauteng RET

Group says it is wrong to personalise and individualise content of previous press statement

Press statement by the Gauteng RET President Zuma Support Group clarifying factual issues contained in the ANC statement: “AND reiterates calls for unity and renewal as we tackle economic challenges”

13 February 2020

The Gauteng RET President Zuma Support Group has noted a press statement issued by the National Spokesperson of the ANC, comrade Pule Mabe, in response to our press conference yesterday, and our press statement entitled: “MEDIA STATEMENT BY THE GAUTENG RET PRESIDENT ZUMA SUPPORT GROUP: ZUMA ARREST WARRANT A TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE”.

The vast majority of those who attended the press conference are members and supporters of the ANC, and we see no need to enter into a public exchange of opinion with the ANC.

It is however important to clarify the facts: It is wrong to personalize and individualize the content of our press statement, and press conference. Comrade Carl Niehaus did not speak as an individual. At our press conference he read out our press statement, which is the collective articulation of our views, in his capacity as a member of us as a collective. It is also factually incorrect that we seek to factionalize Radical Economic Transformation (RET) into groupings. It is our understanding that RET is the official economic policy programme of the ANC.

We welcome the good wishes for a speedy recovery by President Jacob Zuma contained in the statement, as well as the affirmation that the ANC does not discourage anyone, both within and outside its ranks, to support President Zuma during his court appearances.

Issued by Sibusiso Hadebe on behalf of the Gauteng RET President Zuma Support Group, 13 February 2020