No genuine scientific logic for easing of lockdown regulations – EFF

Fighters say this is a senseless move by someone who doesn’t know what he is doing

EFF statement on relaxation of lockdown regulations

15 August 2020

The Economic Freedom Fighters rejects the relaxation of lockdown regulations in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic. The relaxation of regulations is on the basis of manipulated data and mass under-testing to rationalize the reopening of the economy at the expense of lives. The blunder made by the President will be followed by a loss of life, and the lie of a decrease in infections will be exposed and by that time measures to impose stronger regulations will be too late.

There is no legitimate positive signs of a decrease in infections in South Africa and Cyril Ramaphosa in collaboration with the Department of Health have conspired to manipulate data and lie about progress in the fight against COVID-19.

We have long called for an independent review of COVID-19 data and for health data to be removed from the hands of politicians. This was on the simple basis that politicians would manipulate data to cast themselves in a good light despite the prevailing reality of the impact of the deadly virus. The resulting uplifting of the ban on alcohol and tobacco is a product of data manipulation by a leadership which is loyal to big business over the lives of people. Hotspots such as the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Gauteng have essentially halted testing in order to aid the argument for the easing of lockdown regulations and present a government that has handled the virus well. The Western Cape began by not testing people under the age of 55, and subsequently, the approach by the country, especially large metropolitans, has been testing only those who come forward with symptoms of COVID- 19, abandoning mass-testing on the ground.

There is no genuine scientific logic for the easing of lockdown regulations, and the lie will expose itself.

There has been no infrastructure development that will be able to deal with the inevitable spike in trauma-unit cases as a result of the sale of alcohol. The availability of beds and spaces in hospitals does not mean that alcohol must be sold again, that is illogical and feeble logic. If hospitals are doing well as a result of the ban on alcohol that does not mean alcohol should be reopened, the threat of alcohol-related trauma cases, which will overburden health infrastructure remains. The reopening of taverns and resumption of the sale of alcohol will, therefore, have a deadly effect as inter-personal violence will increase sharply, and the spread of infections will rise.

Ramaphosa has kept restrictions such as the curfew in place and restrictions of gathering to no more than 50-people while reopening activities such as on-site alcohol consumption which will lead to defiance of the restrictions regarding gatherings and will stretch law-enforcement agencies thin. This is a senseless move by a person who simply does not know what he is doing.

Furthermore, Ramaphosa has given no indication of how many arrests and suspensions have been made against corrupt public representatives who have looted funds that were in place to combat the COVID-19. This corruption begins in his very own office and goes across ANC-ran provinces, municipalities and health departments.

He continues to pay lip-service against corruption and pledge his allegiance to capital.

As the EFF we maintain that this lie of a decrease in infections and South Africa having passed its peak will end in tears. Lies have short legs, and the consequences of this lie will be death.

We call for a review of the data being presented and for health-practitioners with integrity to speak out against a breach in all ethics regarding healthcare and the preservation of life.

Countries across Europe are reinforcing stronger lockdown regulations in the face of a rise of infections, while South African politicians lie to the nation.

We will hold this government directly responsible for lies that will lead to a loss of life, and Cyril Ramaphosa in particular as an individual committed to the massacre of people.

Issued by Vuyani Pambo, National Spokesperson, EFF, 15 August 2020