No one should be injured in their search for education - EFF

Fighters say anti-apartheid student activists have already suffered many injuries and loss of lives paying sacrifice for education of an African child

EFF statement on Capricorn TVET College stampede

11 January 2018

The EFF sends its solidarity to hundreds of potential students who have been injured at the Capricorn TVET college stampede. No one should have to lose their lives or experience physical harm seeking an education. Successive generations of anti-apartheid student activists have already suffered many injuries and loss of lives paying sacrifice for the education of an African child; to have access to quality education in the country of their birth. 

We call on all colleges to ensure order on the long lines of education-hungry youths. We call on them to apply basic crowd control mechanisms like barricades, marshals etc. 

Nevertheless, the EFF celebrates that the country is ceased with a problem of education-hungry youth; scores of young people who are on the lines for days knocking on the doors of learning. We admit that it is indeed a problem, but it is problem we must be eternally proud of because instead, we could be dealing with scores of youth dying on the lines of beer halls and drugs. As a matter of fact, many die in our county on the loitering streets of drugs and alcohol abuse. 

We celebrate our Student Command branches who have been the only student activists trying hard to assist in managing the great numbers of education-hungry youths. Society must celebrate the EFF SC for its foresight, service and commitment to the poor. The records of history will show that it was the EFF that led students in scores and scores not only to the economic freedom marches but also to institutions of higher learning to earn an education. 

We call on all other social institutions and formations to join the EFF and its Student Command by ensuring that the education-hungry youth lining up in colleges and universities are given support. Let us all volunteer in giving them support; let there be water, shade, shelter and food on the long lines of the education-hungry youth, lining up to simply knock at the doors of education institutions.

Issued by Mbuyiseni Quintin Ndlozi, National Spokesperson, 11 January 2018