No title deeds mean no justice, freedom for people of KZN – Zwakele Mncwango

DA PL says for past two decades South Africans have been imprisoned by poverty and undermined by corruption

No title deeds mean no justice, freedom for the people of KZN

26 June 2018

Fellow Democrats
Ladies and Gentlemen.
Greeting you All, Sanibonani

Today is an important day for people of KZN, in particular residents of eThekwini. Today, we are here to launch Sisebenzela Wena Title Deeds Campaign. We are here today to give you assurance that we will fight for your rights to own property. It is a sad truth that under the ANC government the people of Mount Moriah, who have been living in this area for 18 years, still don’t have title deeds.

This problem is not unique to the people of Mount Moriah. The ANC-governed eThekwini and KwaZulu Natal have failed many more. The communities of eNanda Kwamshayazafe, Congo, eZimangweni, Lindelani KwaNdlanzi, eLovu, Waterloo, Hammarsdale and many other areas, are subject to the same suffering.

According to a 2016 report by Public Service Accountability Monitor there is a 87 037 housing backlog in eThekwini alone. This report does not include the houses that have already been poorly built on the foundations of corruption, which leak, crack and do not restore the dignity of our people.

For the past two decades, ordinary South Africans have been imprisoned by poverty and have been undermined by corruption and empty promises. A number of South Africans who have been recipients of RDP housing have still not received proper entitlement to their properties. Ensuring that they remain less empowered with no safeguards for their future generation’s inheritance.

The DA believes that residents must be given ownership of the land they live on by giving them title deeds. This is the reason we have made it our mission, to provide the people of KZN with title deeds. There can be no freedom and justice without a title deed.

Where the DA governs we have given over 100 000 title deeds collectively to the people of South Africa. This means that close to a million families have a place they own and are able to call home for generations to come. The DA is ready and willing to give the people of KwaZulu Natal what belongs to them.

The DA committed to putting an end to the continued notion that land reform should not also include urban housing, by ensuring that beneficiaries of the state-subsidized housing projects receive their title deeds quickly and efficiently.

Our work as the DA is to put the people first. Our plan includes returning land through the biggest land redistribution in South Africa. Where we govern, we have shown that land reform and redistribution is a priority.

The ANC spends more on keeping politicians safe, than they spend on a successful land reform programme. The ANC does not care about you or your dignity; only a DA-led government will put you first and bring change to KZN.

We should not allow the ANC and EFF to lie. The Constitution does not prevent successful land reform, the Constitution promotes land reform. The ANC has failed and the EFF want to endorse their continued failure to put the people first.

Since last year, the DA has put pressure in Councils regarding the people of Mount Moriah to receive their title deeds. We have invited the people of Mount Moriah to attend the Council meetings in order for the ANC to see the faces of their failures. The DA believes that residents should own their own homes and by doing so own their own futures.

We know that this can be done. We have proved where we govern that it can be done.

We are here to bring change!

We are here to work for you. Sisebenzela Wena.

Viva, DA! Viva!

Khula, DA! Khula!

Issued by Zwakele MncwangoDA KZN Leader, 26 June 2018