SACP says no to any further delay of NHI

Party calls on govt to approve revised NHI Bill for consideration by Parliament

SACP says no to any further delay of the National Health Insurance, calls on government to approve the revised NHI Bill for consideration by Parliament 

30 November 2018

The South African Communist Party expresses its support on the process of finalising the National Health Insurance Bill. The SACP is calling on government to approve the revised NHI Bill for consideration by Parliament and therefore further consultation in accordance with Parliamentary processes for enactment into law. Parliament is the only space in our democracy where laws can be passed as provided for in our Constitution. There is no provision in the Constitution that gives any unelected groupings the authority to stop our democratically elected government to refer matters of legislation, including the revised NHI Bill, to Parliament.        

There has been a wide-ranging consultation on the NHI process. In fact the NHI Bill was issued for public comments since June 2018 and the process dates to 2011. The SACP welcomes the fact that there will be a further opportunity for public comments when the revised NHI Bill reaches the parliamentary process. 

It is naïve to ignore the fact that this has been, will continue to be a highly-contested policy terrain. In particular the process has attracted opposition. There are economic interests, including sections of the monopoly capital that have captured the lion’s share of our national health care resources, whose objective is to do everything possible to prevent the just transition to unified system which provides universal quality health care through the NHI.

Working closely with our allies, progressive worker, community and other organisations representing the genuine aspirations of our people, the SACP will deepen consultation to advance and defend the NHI progress. 

Issued by Alex Mohubetswane Mashilo, National Spokesperson & Head of Communications, SACP, 30 November 2018