Nurses are not murderers - DENOSA

Asanda Fongqo says they're not to blame for death of six newborn babies

DENOSA on death of babies in hospitals

DENOSA is gravely concerned by the reported alarming number of babies that have died at Charlotte Maxeke Academic and Natalspruit hospitals.

Whilst we symphatise with families who have lost their babies, we take strong exception at the depiction of nurses, who are at the forefront of healthcare services as murderers. It cannot be correct for some sectors of the media to convict nurses while the Gauteng Provincial Department of Health and Social Development has pronounced that it will be investigating these cases.

DENOSA reiterates that challenges that include gross-staff-shortages, lack of resources and others are continuing and will continue to impact adversely in the delivery of quality healthcare to our people. Therefore government needs to interrogate the entire health system and urgently deal with these challenges to avoid the recurrence of such throbbing incidents.

Having said that, DENOSA advocates for quality patient's care, therefore does not condone any unprofessional behaviour by health practitioners.

Families have lost their babies, as a community we should comfort them and communicate words that will help them heal.

Nursing staff at Charlotte Maxeke Academic hospital have done beyond their power to care for the babies; some were admitted with a weight of 680grams and progressed very well.It is unfortunate that some babies have lost their lives.

We should remember very well that is was Charlotte Maxeke Hospital that championed the Ebola Virus when the country was in a state of fear.

Specialized units such as neonatal ICU need one on one, that is one baby to one nurse because these kind of babies are not well developed and they need intensive care for their survival.  Even the environment where this care is being given needs more space as any slide airborne kind of a virus cannot be able to affect babies.  Staffing norms in such areas are a must.  Environment equipments, protective clothing is also crucially needed. 

Statement issued by Asanda Fongqo, DENOSA Communications Manager, May 21 2010

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