Nyanda spends R150,000 pimping up his ride - DA

Lindiwe Mazibuko says minister's expenditure is inappropriate in a recession

Communications spends R150 000 on luxury extras

A reply to a Democratic Alliance (DA) parliamentary question has revealed that the Department of Communications has purchased for the new Minister of Communications two new vehicles (both BMW 750i) to the value to R1 135 000 each, or a combined total of R2 270 000; one for Pretoria and one for Cape Town. More disturbingly, the reply reveals that the department spent R136 000 on extras for one of the vehicles including features like:

·         Rear seat entertainment at a cost of R23 000

·         An innovations package (including things like ambient interior lighting and a rear view camera) at a cost of R35 000; and

·         Gross gloss satin chrome finish at a cost of R5 600

The second car also had a series of additional extras, but only to the cost of R12 200, including:

·         A sports leather steering wheel at a cost of R2 300; and

·         A rear view camera at a cost of R5 000

In other words, not only did the Department spend R2.2 million on new, top of the range cars, it spent an additional R150 000 on a series of features which can only be described as frivolous and a massive waste of public money.
A full copy of the reply follows below.
The ANC government, despite being in the grips of an economic recession and regardless of the endless public commitments by President Zuma to cut back on wastage, has not altered its approach to public spending: it continues to misuse public funds for entirely unnecessary purposes.

During this time of economic crisis when hundreds of thousands of ordinary South Africans are losing their jobs and businesses across the country are shutting down government should be setting the tone for austerity and sound financial management.

The DA will be submitting a follow up parliamentary question to ask how this expenditure was in the public interest and, whether the Minister can explain to the public what value it gets from items like a sports leather steering wheel and back seat entertainment.


DATE OF REPLY: 15 July 2009

Mr N J van den Berg (DA) to ask the Minister of Communications:

(1) Whether he purchased a new vehicle on his appointment to office; if so, (a) why, (b) what make and model is the vehicle, (c) what did the vehicle cost and (d)(i) what accessories were included in excess of the vehicle's purchase price and (ii) what was the cost of such accessories; if not,

(2) whether he inherited an existing vehicle; if so, (a) what was the make and model and (b) how old is the vehicle?



1. Yes

(a) In terms of the Ministerial Handbook as approved by Cabinet on 7 February 2007, "Departments may purchase official vehicle/s directly from manufacturers and/or their dealerships only when the currently provided official vehicle for that office has reached 120 000 km or 5 years, whichever comes first".

The vehicle for use in Cape Town was 9 years old and had reached 115 072 kms. The vehicle for use in Pretoria was 4 years old and had reached 137 194 kms.

(b) & (c)


Pretoria Vehicle

Cape Town Vehicle

b) Make and Model

BMW 750i, 2009 model

BMW 750i, 2009 model

c) Cost of Vehicle

R 1 135 500

R 1 135 500

(d)(i) & (ii) 


Accessories in excess of purchase price

Cost of Accessories



Dynamic Drive (body roll stabilisation)

R28 300

Sports leather steering wheel (3 spoke)

R  2 300

Electric Rear Screen Roller Sun blind with manual side blinds

R  9 200

Active cruise control with Stop & Go function

R22 500

Rear-seat entertainment

R23 400

High-gloss satin chrome

R  5 600

Sun protection glazing

R  6 200

Special wheel design recommended for the 750i

R  3 000

Innovation's package inclusive of the following:

·         rear view camera

·         ceramic surround for controls

·         ambient interior  lighting

·         adaptive headlights

·         high beam assist

·         lane departure warning

·         lane change warning

R35 800



R 136 300

Cape Town


Sports leather steering wheel (3 spoke)

R 2 300

Rear view camera

R 5 000

High Beam Assist

R 1 800

Special wheel design recommended for the 750i

R 3 000


R12 100



R148 400

Statement issued by Lindiwe Mazibuko, Democratic Alliance deputy shadow minister of communications, July 16 2009

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