On the resignation of Mokwele and Mokgosi – EFF

Fighters applaud Commissars for their confessions and taking responsibility by giving up positions of leadership

EFF statement on the resignation of Commissar Mokwele and Mokgosi

20 August 2019

The EFF has received the resignations of Commissars, Tebogo Mokwele and Nkagisang Mokgosi with great disenchantment. From their resignations, the revolution and the entire movement has suffered a great loss of talent and hard working women cadres.

We applaud them for their confessions and the consequent taking of responsibility by giving up positions of leadership. Above all, we applaud them for insisting on keeping their membership of the organization, which is a rare act in politics across the world. Many people seek after positions, and when they can no longer keep them, they resign from the organization and seek after greener position pastures in other political parties.

All of us must learn a great deal from the experiences of these two fighters. We must learn to confide within the safe keep of the revolution, lest we fall prey to the enemy camp as they did. No amount of personal suffering must lead a revolutionary into the enemy camp; the enemy will always use this to achieve their own objectives against our cause.

However, the manner in which they have accepted blame and taken responsibility, leaves the image of our movement in an even stronger position.

The integrity and reputation of the EFF is non-negotiable. At all times, our conduct as leaders, in private and in public, must enhance the image of our revolution. And when our actions have compromised this image, we must be humble enough to bow out. We must do so, instead of holding the organization at ransom for totally selfish reasons.

We reiterate our call on all other fighters, in and outside the leadership, who may have benefitted in anyway financially from the CR17 campaign. We plead on them to take the EFF leadership into confidence and subject themselves to the discipline of our revolution.

Issued by Mbuyiseni Ndlozi, National Spokesperson, EFF, 20 August 2019

Statement by Commissar Nkagisang Mokgosi on resignation from Parliament and EFF Central Command Team

I wish to inform the people of South Africa and the members of the EFF of my decision to resign as a Commissar in the Central Command Team and as a Member Of Parliament.

I have also made a commitment not to avail myself for any leadership responsibilities at any level in the EFF for the foreseeable future. This also applies to any of the public representative positions across the board.

My decision is based on the fact that I did not disclose the nature of my relationship with the ANC President, Cyril Ramaphosa which involved an exchange of money.

Upon the public release of bank statements of the CR17 campaign I took the EFF leadership into confidence about receiving money from Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa; a total of R80 000 between 2017 and 2019. This related to personal situations I had.

Non-disclosure of money, particularly from individuals in the enemy camp is dishonourable and disingenuous. In this case, I am aware that it has compromised the integrity of our organisation and the revolution. I deeply regret my actions and accept that I cannot be entrusted with any leadership responsibilities. It is therefore in this context that I resign from the Central Command Team and as a Member of Parliament.

I undertake not to accept any leadership roles in the EFF and legislature.

However, I wish to retain my membership of the EFF and have communicated this to the leadership as well. I believe that the struggle must continue and even as I cannot be a leadership, I want to continue to participate as a member.

I wish to thank the EFF, all the fighters and the people of South Africa as a whole for the opportunity to serve you over the past five years. May the struggle continue until the attainment of economic freedom in our lifetime.

Issued by Nkagisang Mokgosi

Statement by Tebogo Mokwele on resignation from Parliament and EFF Central Command Team

It is with deep regret to inform the people of South Africa and members of the EFF that I have decided to resign from all leadership positions in the EFF and as a Member of Parliament. I also undertake not to avail myself for any of these positions, including as a public representative at any level, for the next five years.

This decision has been duly communicated to the EFF leadership. I have also tendered my resignation letter to the Speaker of the National Assembly.

This follows a deep and careful introspection about the impact of my association with the President of the ANC and the Republic in which there was an exchange of money for my personal use; a total of R80 000 between 2017 and 2019. I have decided to save the organisation the painful time to subject me to a Disciplinary Process. My actions have already caused the image and reputation of the EFF into disrepute. I cannot ask that any more of the EFF public relations must be waisted discussing my actions, as opposed to being dedicated to our revolutionary program.

As a leader and an activist, I realise that I had a revolutionary duty and obligation to disclose to the EFF leadership the nature of my association with the ANC president, Cyril Ramaphosa. Particularly because it involved exchange of money. I did not do so and it was completely wrong.

Our revolution unapologetically seeks to dismantle ANC hegemony in society with the ultimate goal of total takeover of state power and control. As a result, the ANC is our strategic enemy in the broader pursuit of our revolutionaty objectives. Thus, at all times, in private and public, one must work to protect the image and the integrity of the EFF and our revolution from anyone, let alone the enemies of our revolution.

My actions have therefore seriously compromised the organisation and I cannot expect to be entrusted with leadership responsibilities any more.

I wish to retain my membership of the EFF, even as I take five years for rehabilitation.

I have communicated this desire to the leadership and hope they will accept it in kind.

Finally, I wish to thank all the fighters, EFF voters and South Africans in general for the opportunity to serve you over the past six years. I have served in the highest leadership structures of the EFF from its inception in 2013. I apologise sincerely that my actions have brought the organisation into disrepute. Above all, it has dented the integrity of our revolution.

I wish the EFF the best and have no doubt in my heart that the struggle will continue.

Issued by Tebogo Mokwele