On whites' 'right of return' to Europe - Front Nasionaal

Organisation says it does not encourage mass emigration of the Afrikaner, but petition does create awareness of situation under ANC rule

Petition allowing Afrikaners to return to Europe goes viral- the position of FN

May 25, 2015 

A petition to the European Commission to allow Afrikaners, who so wish, to return to Europe has gone viral in the social and printed media, in particular in Europe. The petition was an initiative of the Brazilian, Rodrigo Hernaus de Campos. It is based in the legal principle of “Jus Sanguinis” or Blood Law as enacted by the State of Israel (see here).

De Campos approached Front National to act as South African liaison for the process, because:

“…Being in Brazil, this may have de-legitimised  claims about South Africa, for this reason I approached FNSA to liaise with, as they are so-to-speak, on the ground.  They are an official representatives for the peoples of European descent living in South Africa at the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) and are Current being registered at the United Nations to Address Discrimination, Genocide and Self-determination for peoples of European Descent. They stand for the preservation of Western values and the European culture and customs of their nation which is under severe threat.

Front National does not encourage mass emigration of the Afrikaner. We maintain our claim that we have a legitimate right to South African citizenship and we demand, in accordance with article 235 of the Constitution, the recognition to self determination. We do however fully support the value of the petition in creating awareness of the fact that Afrikaners are living under a government which denies them these basic rights to the extent that even foreign friends now recognize the need to make European countries aware of the impending human rights disaster in South Africa.

Statement issued by Francois Cloete, Front Nasionaal Suid-Afrika/ Front National South Africa, May 25 2015