Opposing voices on Expropriation Bill negated – Ina Cilliers

Party says ANC ignored concerns of residents and found Bill sound and without flaws

Opposing voices on Expropriation Bill negated

10 May 2016

While the Gauteng Economic Development Committee in the Legislature failed to adequately afford all residents of Gauteng the opportunity have their say on the unconstitutional Expropriation Bill, those who did have been ignored by the ANC.

The Bill, which in its current form, will allow the State to expropriate land for public use without compensation – and is also likely to attach other assets such as intellectual property, contradicts Sections 25(2) & (3) of the Constitution and various other establish pieces of legislation.

Residents of Gauteng, from all walks of life made submissions to the poorly organised public hearings to voice their concerns with the contentious Bill.

Despite this, the committee has gone ahead, not bothering to address these concerns and found the Bill to a completely sound document and without flaw.

The DA has submitted a minority report noting our explicit rejection of the Bill and the manner in which it was dealt with.

It is clear the ANC is not concerned for the inclusive and participatory nature of democracy, rather it will steam through legislation that is fundamentally flawed – simply because it will not be proven wrong.

This Bill in its current form will deal a massive blow to individual rights, property rights and future investment in the country.

The DA will continue to fight against the Expropriation Bill in its current form.

Issued by Ina Cilliers, DA Gauteng Spokesperson on Economic Development, 10 May 2016