Our task is to build a stronger DA in North West – Leon Basson

Newly-elected PL says dedication and commitment of public representatives will determine success

Our task is to build a stronger DA in North West to serve the people better

21 November 2020

Note to Editors: The below speech was delivered by the newly elected North West Provincial Leader, Leon Basson MP, at the DA North West Provincial Congress 2020 today.

Fellow Democrats,

We have one task ahead of us.

One task.

That is to build a stronger DA!

Ons moet ‘n DA bou as die beste en enigste alternatief vir alle Suid Afrikaners.

Wanneer ons wen, wen Suid Afrika.

Democrats - look at North West

Look at North West, where people are suffering without water and electricity supply.

Look at North West, waar boere en plaaswerkers elke dag in vrees lewe. Hulle wonder wanneer en waar is die volgende plaasaanval.

Look at North West, where ANC corruption is not only killing jobs, but also the hope and future of people.

Democrats, look at North West - we have a lot of work ahead of us.

Delegates, the DA is the only future for a better South Africa.

Fellow Democrats, thank you for the trust placed in me to lead the DA in North West.

To my predecessors and good friends, Joe McGluwa and Chris Hattingh, thanks for your loyal and hard work over many years in the DA.

Last but not the least, to my wife Daleen and my family, thank you for your support.

Congratulations to Gerda and her staff for an excellent congress.

To those who were elected today, congratulations!

Now, we must move on as one DA and focus on the 2021 Local Government Elections.

The dedication and the passionate commitment of our public representatives, candidates, and activists will determine our success.

We must get back to the ABC of politics – activism, branches and campaigning in North West.

Ensure that our communication strategy to the media speaks to the interests of voters.

Measure every decision we take against our values and principles.

Empower councillors and activists with excellent training and support to build and grow the DA throughout the North West. We need to improve our relationship with voters, in every ward, in every community and give voice to the concerns they hold close to heart.

Die mense in Noordwes het genoeg gehad.

Jare sonder enige diensewering.

Jare sonder veiligheid.

Jare sonder werksgeleenthede.

En jare sonder hoop.

Slegs die DA kan ware hoop en ware verandering bring.

We know that the DA in government remains the only political party with the will, the policies and the experience to rebuild what the ANC has destroyed on North West.

We know that more people have jobs under DA governments.

We know that quality basic services are delivered to all under a DA government.

We know that taxpayer money is spent to improve people’s material, social and economic circumstances under a DA government.

We know that DA governments do not steal public money.

We know that a DA government works for the people.

This is the message we need to take into every home in North West.

Mmogo re aga DA ee tlhomameng!

Saam bou ons ‘n sterker DA. Together we can rebuild North West to reach its full potential.

Democrats, colleagues, friends, I’m Leon Basson, I have a plan to fix the DA in North West. Join me on this journey to make the DA great again.

Viva DA Viva!

Issued by Leon Basson, DA North West Provincial Leader, 21 November 2020


DA North West Provincial Congress Leadership Election Results

It gives me great pleasure to announce the results following the leadership election during the Virtual North West Provincial Congress 2020 today.

Delegates made use of the online OpaVote platform to elect the new North West leadership team, who have now been mandated to lead the province into the 2021 local government election cycle and beyond, for the next three years.

I am satisfied that the election process was entirely compliant with our requirements and rules. The results have been accepted by all candidates, their party agents and all the delegates in attendance at the Provincial Congress.

I would like to thank all candidates and delegates for their participation in the Congress in line with our rules promoting a strong internal democratic culture.

The results are:

Provincial Leader

Basson, Leon

Deputy Provincial Leader

Sonakile, Freddy

Provincial Chairperson

Snyders, Luan

Deputy Provincial Chairpersons x 3

Van Zyl, Don
Mabunda, Nkateko
Rossouw, Erna

I would like to extend my congratulations to the newly elected North West Provincial Leadership and wish them all the best in their efforts to take the DA forward in the province, to rebuilt trust with the electorate and to continue the fight for quality basic service delivery and good governance.

Issued by Werner Horn, Presiding Officer: North West Provincial Congress, 21 November 2020