OUTA's campaign to get MultiChoice to terminate ANN7 contract disgusting - ANCWL

League says network first black owned television channel in SA, DSTV currently getting SABC channels for free


22 November 2017

The African National Congress Women's League has noted with disgust the campaign by Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (Outa) pressurising Multichoice to determinate it's contract with Africa News Network 7 (ANN7). 

ANN7 is the first black owned television channel in South Africa. It's existence is important for the transformation of media industry as a whole. The ownership, management and control of media industry must be transformed in favour of majority of black South African. For a long time in South Africa there has been no black-owned media houses to counter the propaganda by White Monopoly Capital (WMC), which has complete monopoly over the media space. 

In defending corruption by WMC and championing a narrative that fraud and corruption is associated with black race, Outa as an organisation is portraying itself as unbiased paragon of morality and is  mum on corruption by construction companies, banks manipulating the currency, ABSA-CEIX report to mention a few. In addition, Outa has never challenged Multichoice on getting SABC channels for free and selling that to consumers which majority of them are Africans in general and blacks in particular. South Africans must join the call that  MultiChoice must pay to carry SABC channels on its pay-television platform. 

The ANCWL reiterates its support of the fight against fraud and corruption. ANCWL calls for all its supporters, members and society in general to work with law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime and reject politically and racially motivated campaigns by defenders of white supremacy. 

Statement issued by Meokgo Matuba, ANCWL Secretary General, 22 November 2017