Outgoing Trump administration desperate – EFF

Fighters condemn designation of Cuba as terrorist sponsoring state

EFF statement on the Trump administration designating Cuba as terrorist sponsoring state

13 January 2021

The EFF condemns the acts of desperation by the outgoing Trump administration and in particular, the decree of including the Peoples Republic of Cuba amongst terrorist sponsoring states.

Amongst his first acts as President of the United States of America, Donald Trump reimposed the half a century old trade embargo and reversed all strides achieved by President Barack Obama in efforts to restore normality between the two countries.

The sole purpose of this is to continue economic terrorism that seeks to subdue all countries that refuse to conform with the global capitalist establishment, to sanctions that will coerce them to be subjects of an imperialism of the United States.

It also forms part of an onslaught by global pharmaceutical companies that seek to undermined Cuba's superior healthcare system, which has exhibited independence and capacity without aid and dependency from institutions that view health as avenues of profit maximization. It is the fear of Cuba as a nation that provides an alternative within the development of medicine that fuels the imperial hatred of Donald Trump.

Further to that, the designation of Cuba as a terrorist state seeks to incorrectly coerce Cuba into viewing the enemies of the United States as enemies of Cuba, such as the civil rights activists that Cuba continues to provide sanctuary to who are enemies of the racism entrenched in the fabric of the US. This must never be the case, and no country must seek to impose its will on other through ill-conceived sanctions and economic terror.

The EFF calls on President elect Joe Biden, to include amongst his first decrees of his Presidency the reinstatement of all policies towards Cuba adopted under the Obama regime without hesitation. This includes the total and immediate lifting of trade and economic embargoes against the people and government of Cuba.

The government and people of Cuba are peaceful and do not habour any inclination to sponsor insurrection against any nation, least of all a United States they have shown to be able to operate without for decades..

The USA, in its relentless attempts to act as a mother country to Latin America, harbours and gives shelter not only to enemies of the people and government of Cuba, but opposition of many Latin America countries and the world in general. For this, USA has not been declared a terrorist state by the rest of the international community..

The white racist government of De Klerk assisted by successive governments of America unleashed untold misery to the government of Mozambique, Angola and the people of Namibia sponsoring insurrection by RENAMO, UNITA and attempts to extinct the people of Namibia through Koevoet. For all these despicable acts of human life loss, the USA has not been declared a terrorist sponsoring state.

In light of this, EFF calls on the South African government to sponsor a resolution at the next sitting of the United Nations Security Council and General Assembly condemning the Trump Administration decree against Cuba as provocative and should be rescinded by the new President elect Joe Biden.

Failure to do this must culminate in the isolation of the United States as a hypocritical nation of imperialists, who terrorize nations through sanctions while failing to have a functional democracy as a result of the domestic terrorism that has characterized their nation since the term of Donald Trump began, notably the racist-right wing invasion of their Capitol Building

Issued by Vuyani Pambo, National Spokesperson, EFF, 13 January 2021