Over 20 Metro police block DA from inspection – DA KZN

Party wanted to visit Glen Earle Clinic after receiving numerous complaints from community members

Over 20 Metro police members deployed to block DA from conducting an oversight inspection at the Glen Earle Clinic 

18 October 2021

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The DA in KwaZulu-Natal was today blocked by over 20 members of Metro Police from conducting an oversight inspection at the Glen Earle Clinic in Newlands East.

As part of the Unite, Rebuild and Protect tour we visited areas in North Durban today with the Constituency Head, Dean Macpherson and DA councillors.

After receiving numerous reports and complaints from community members about the shoddy services rendered by this clinic we decided to conduct an oversight inspection.

As a member of the Provincial Legislature and Dean Macpherson as a member of Parliament, we are allowed to conduct these visits.

After having spoken to the clinic management to let us in, the Metro police were instead deployed to block us from entering.

A total of 12 Metro Police vehicles with 22 officers arrived to prevent elected politicians from doing oversight.

I understand that this instruction to block us came from Head of Metro Police, Steve Middleton and ANC Councillor, Dianne Hoorzuk in violation of Section 55 of the Constitution and the Parliamentary prescripts to oversight and accountability.

The ANC is clearly frightened of the DA, so much so they have decided to use all the resources available to them to try and intermediate us from holding the municipality to account.

It is a disgrace that while communities in eThekwini are under siege from gangsters and criminals, Steve Middleton can allocate police officers to block us from doing the peoples business.

The DA will be reporting this incident to the Speaker of the National Assembly and the Provincial Legislature and demand that the municipality and Metro Police are held accountable for violating the Constitution.

In less than 2 weeks, residents have an opportunity to do away with a party that does not care for them and instead vote for a party that gets things done.

Issued by Francois Rodgers, DA KZN Leader, 18 October 2021