Patricia de Lille puts DA politicians on notice for defamatory tweets

Outgoing Cape Town mayor says those who distributed fake AG findings must apologise or else


Henk Hugo — DA branch executive

Shehana Kajee
DA KwaZulu Natal
Deputy Provincial Chairperson

Mike Waters — Deputy Chief Whip, DA
National Assembly Caucus

Bronwynn Engelbrecht - National Council of Provinces MP


I am writing to you because you re-posted or otherwise distributed an image on social media which made claims about various 'findings" against me by the Auditor- General.

In May this year, the Auditor General dismissed the contents as fake. Not only was the AG's signature forged, but his office denied knowing anything about the origins of the document.

By re-posting or otherwise distributing the document you published defamatory material regarding me, which is aggravated by the fact that this was done as part of a concerted effort to discredit me for political reasons. Your intentions were vindictive, reckless and very damaging to my reputation.

I have instructed my attorneys to commence legal action against you in respect of these defamatory allegations but before doing so would like to afford you all an opportunity to retract same and to apologize to me in public.

You have seven days till 18 October 2018 to issue a public apology.

Statement issued by Patricia de Lille via Twitter, 11 October 2018