People can no longer be expected to be patient on critical matter of land reform – David Mabuza

Deputy President says work of committee must be implemented speedily

Statement on the outcomes of the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Land Reform chaired by Deputy President Mabuza

15 August 2019

Deputy President David Mabuza today, Thursday, 15 August 2019, chaired the 2nd Inter-Ministerial Committee Meeting on Land Reform for the 6th Administration to evaluate progress made by government departments in the implementation of the Land Reform programme, at the Union Buildings, Pretoria.

The Inter-Ministerial Committee on Land Reform chaired by Deputy President Mabuza provides political oversight on the implementation of measures aimed at accelerating the process on land reform in South Africa.   It also serves as a catalyst to fast-track land restitution and redistribution in our country. 

Key amongst issued discussed at the meeting was government response to the Presidential Advisory Panel Report on Land Reform; the Draft National Spatial Development Framework; the Integrated Plan for the release and strategic utilization of government owned land; the status of Land Claims; and the Integrated model for farmer support.

Following the Presidential Advisory Panel Report on Land Reform presented to cabinet last month, the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Land Reform has further emphasised government’s directive that relevant government departments must urgently analyse the recommendations contained in the report.

The IMC received a report on progress made in the development of the National Spatial Development Framework, which outlines our country’ spatial direction towards the sustainable social, economic development of South Africa, whilst ensuring environmental protection.  The meeting has commended the direction taken by the lead department in addressing uncoordinated development and investment that is not having the desired spatial planning outcomes. 

The meeting further noted the progress that has been made in the identification of state land that is ready for release in accordance with the President’s announcement in the State of the Nation Address.

In this regard, the IMC noted the speedy response by the department of Public Works and Infrastructure in releasing 100 parcels of land for Land Restitution purposes. The remaining parcels of land are at the stage where land use studies are being finalised, and this includes land identified for human settlements. The IMC will make a report to Cabinet in this regard.    

The IMC noted progress made in the development of the integrated model for farmer support.  This highlights government commitment to accelerate sustainable agrarian transformation, provision of food security and support of small holder farmer development through the provision of technical, financial and infrastructure support. 

Furthermore, the meeting took note of and adopted the road-map for the development of the Land Court Bill as well as the roadmap for the finalization of the expropriation bill.  

The IMC noted progress on the preparations for the Land Summit as agreed at the Traditional Leaders Indaba held in 2017. 

Deputy President Mabuza expressed his appreciation with progress made in the implementation of the decisions of the Inter-ministerial Committee on Land Reform. He further, impressed upon members of the IMC to ensure that the work of the committee is implemented speedily in recognition of the urgency required to address the land reform in our country. 

Our people can no longer be expected to be patient on the critical matter of land reform.  It is for this reason that this IMC once again convened to jointly assess progress and consider ways to speed up the process”, said Deputy President Mabuza. 

Issued by Ministry of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development, 15 August 2019